How to Make Your Car Untowable | 6 Methods Shared by Expert

How to Make Your Car Untowable

A car is one of the most worthy things that we can own. It is because a car is something that we all need in our lives. It is our primary mode of transport. Towing a car is, in most cases, not an easy job. Even if you are a professional at it, there are times when your car is not willing to be towed, and you are not ready to pull it. In this blog, we will look at how to make your car untowable.

How to Make Your Car Untowable

How to Make Your Car Untowable

Having a car is a necessity in the modern era. However, keeping your car safe is essential with the craziness of rush hour and busy roads. One way to do this is to make sure your car is easily distinguishable from other vehicles on the road.

Step one is to put your contact information on the car. It would help if you did this by putting your license plate number, a sticker with your name, business, or cell phone number, and your address on the car.  

Second, you should have clear and clean windows because dirt or sticker residue on the windows will make it hard for others to see the information on them. Finally, make sure you don’t park in areas known for vandalism or reckless drivers.

Some Other Ways to Make Your Car Untowable: 

Method 1

If you want to make my car untowable, firstly, you may use a lock on the wheel. It’s the simplest method to manufacture a car untowable. You may have seen one at the mall parking lots. The wheel has a lock on the wheel and the cable. When you park the cable locks onto the wheel, you need the key to unlock it. Never park it on the street. Then you can use a lock on the wheel and the wheel. 

There are many other methods to make up a car untowable.

Method 2

Since the wheels will lift in the air, it will be easier for the driver to get to your transmission and avoid damage during these careless hook-ups. Also, although this is somewhat obvious, you need to be sure that if your car tows, it won’t go anywhere before being attached securely by a tow truck!

In this case, having some extra time to spare on your hands may give you the chance to reassemble your vehicle or at least move it into another parking spot out of danger’s way! 

Anyway, if you don’t have an obvious escape route, we suggest rotating the wheel and key clockwise at the same time. It should free up the turn signal locking mechanism under the wheel. Hopefully, this algorithm can help prevent your vehicle from unpleasant surprises such as an undesired tow!

Method 3

Your car can tow if it is attached to another vehicle. Make it easily removable by getting a wheel lug wrench and a jack. Remove the wheel, and then turn the wrench counterclockwise to take the bolt off. With the socket wrench, unscrew the tire-and-wheel assembly and remove it. To make your car untowable again, reverse the process.

Method 4

If your car breaks down on the side of the road, you may be worried about it tows. Thankfully, you can use a Wheel Lock to secure it to the ground. First, find an area where you can attach the Wheel Lock. Next, make sure your car is on level ground and the wheels are all pointing in the same direction.

Then, tighten the Wheel Lock to ensure your vehicle is secure and cannot tow, even if the wheels move. It will help you save you plenty of money if you take your car in for repair.

Method 5

It can be tempting to park your vehicle close to the curb when you’re out and about; however, you should try your best to stay as far away from it as you can. 

Even if you park in an allowable spot, the law will often say that your vehicle can not park within 15 feet of the stop line and the parking mark, which can make it easy for you to get towed if you’re not careful.

If you’ve ever had to pay a hefty fine because you couldn’t move your vehicle because it was getting pulled, you know how much of a headache this can genuinely be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Parking Brake Stop Towing?

The parking brake does not stop towing. The brake pedal stops the car from moving when you are parked.

Does Towing Damage Your Car?

There is some altercation over whether or not towing can damage a car. On one side, some say that pulling can cause severe damage to a car’s transmission and other components. On the other side, some say that towing is a safe way to move a vehicle and not cause any damage. Ultimately, whether or not towing damages a car depends on the specific situation.

How Do You Protect Your Transmission While Towing?

To protect your transmission while towing, use a transmission cooler. A transmission cooler is a device installed between the engine and the information and helps keep the transmission fluid cool.

Can You Tow A Car While It’s Running?

It is possible to tow a car while running; however, doing so can be dangerous. When towing a vehicle, the tow truck driver must be aware of the vehicle’s weight and size to select the appropriate equipment. The car should also place in first gear to reduce the engine stalling risk. 


We believe you enjoyed our post about how to make your car untowable. Towing is necessary for those who drive in major cities, but you shouldn’t have to settle for a tow truck. If you’re after a reliable, safe, and affordable way to tow your car, you should look into a car dolly.

A car dolly, also comprehended as a reel dolly, is an easy instrument that binds to the rear of your auto to help you pull it. It’s perfect for people who live in big cities since it allows you to pull your vehicle without driving it.