How to Measure Wheelbase on a Truck | Length of a Wheelbase

How to Measure Wheelbase on a Truck

In addition to determining the length of the truck, the wheelbase also contributes to the truck’s performance and evaluates the vehicle’s maneuverability and stability. This article will teach you the fundamentals of wheelbase measurement and how to measure wheelbase on a truck.

How to Measure Wheelbase on a Truck

How to Measure Wheelbase on a Truck

The wheelbase of a truck is more difficult to measure than that of a passenger car. Due to the enormous distance between the two axes, it also requires more effort. It is suggested that you carry somebody to help you measure the wheelbase before you start.

The procedure for estimating the wheelbase of a vehicle is straightforward. Decide the distance between the front and back axles with a long pole, then, at that point, use a measuring tape to twofold.

On twin drive trailers or vehicles with two wheels in front and four in back, measure the distance between the front hub and the space between the two back axles. The junction of the two rear axles, not the trailer’s back axle, is the source of the problem.

A new wheelbase, known as the trailer wheelbase, must be selected when the vehicle is loaded. Start by measuring the distance between the loaded truck and the center of the loaded tandem drive shafts.

Knowing the wheelbase and dimensions of a truck is more significant than knowing the measurements of a passenger car. Load planning is critical for the truck to arrive at its destination safely and with the proper weight distribution.

What factors would you consider while determining the length of a wheelbase?

How to Measure Wheelbase on a Truck

Make the wheels straight.

To begin, park the automobile on a level surface. Align and adjust the shaker wheels so that they face forward. Then locate the wheel center specifically in the wheel bolts or nuts.

Find the straight stick

Grab a metal or wooden stick or walking stick. No need to have bar marks on it. The straight bar will work fine. You will not get the correct measurement if you only compare the distance between two wheels from the outside. So a stick is needed.

Position the measuring tool

Grab a gauge on the center of the rear axle and another on the front axle. Then apply the strip where the metal or wood rod is properly aligned with the center of the axle body.

Measure the distance

Finally, grab a flexible ruler or tape measure to calculate the distance between two points. The interval is the wheelbase of your car.

Take measurements on both sides of the wheel and compare them to the manufacturer’s frame. Usually, it will be the same.

Wheelbase Measurement Tips

Here are some tips to help you measure your wheelbase:

Choose a smooth surface 

Instead of choosing a rough or uneven floor, measure the wheelbase on a smooth driveway or garage floor to ensure the pinstripes are clear and straight.

Always double check 

 Sometimes there can be a human error when measuring the wheelbase, so the second measurement will confirm your result. Since the wheelbase must match on both sides of the vehicle, you must verify that this is correct. 

Check the correct angle of the steel square 

 When marking the center of the wheel on the road with a steel square, make sure the angle of the square is perpendicular to the wheel. If it is a zigzag, it will prevent the wheelbase measurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure the wheelbase of a car?

The distance between the center lines of the front and back tires is the wheelbase of a road and rail route vehicle, On-street vehicles with numerous axles; the wheelbase is the distance between the controlled (front) pivot and the focal point of the driving hub gathering.

Does its wheelbase determine the car’s breadth?

The distance between the focal points of the front and back tires is the wheelbase. The wheelbase does not indicate how tall the automobile is, but it does indicate the size of the passenger cabin and might help you estimate the size of the interior.

How would you gauge the wheelbase of a huge truck?

The wheelbase measurement can approximate the length of the axle path from the center of the wheelbase to the center of the axle. This is often referred to as the axle shape using a wheelbase calculator to convert the wheelbase from inches to metrics to the center of the steered axle hub to get an accurate measurement. 

Make sure you know the wheelbase measurement from the center of the wheelbase to the center of the steered axle hub. Using the wheelbase calculator, you can use the same pivot as your measurement and translate it into inches. If you use a measuring tape, you can measure the length of the tape from the corner of the wheelbase to the center of the steered axle.

What is truck estimation for a wheelbase?

The distance between the focal point of the front haggles focus of the back tires is the wheelbase of any vehicle.

What is a long-wheelbase?

The term “long wheelbase” refers to a wheelbase that is longer than the wheelbase of a standard vehicle. Many automakers may have more than one standard wheelbase option in their model line. Some car manufacturers have the option of a long wheelbase for a particular model.

What wheelbase size do I need?

Define a boundary between two mounting openings on a similar side of every vehicle to decide the wheelbase. Mount your vehicle ready and look at the distance between the two axles to get the wheelbase.

What’s the significance of having a wheelbase?

The distance between the front and back tire determines a vehicle’s wheelbase. Even though it is not exactly the real length of the vehicle, it is a decent proportion of inside space.

How does a wheelbase influence a vehicle?

The wheelbase, alongside the track, influences the vehicle’s turning point (how forcefully it can turn). The wheelbase influences the vehicle’s turning circle (or turning circle). A car or truck with a large wheelbase cannot turn as quickly as one with a short wheelbase.

What is the perfect wheelbase?

97-108 (inch) wheelbases: This is perhaps the most popular wheelbase for off-road vehicles. Consider the Jeep Wrangler 4-door and even certain pickup trucks. While its wheelbase isn’t long enough to take off-roading, it is long enough to provide excellent trail stability and handling. 


The wheelbase has a significant effect on the weight of the truck. For this reason, the wheelbase value is essential for driving and balancing the vehicle.