How To Open A Car Trunk Without A Key | In-Depth Step by Step Guide

How To Open A Car Trunk Without A Key

The car trunk is where you put the things you need to carry around. Its compartment provides valuable storage space that is usually greater than the space provided by passenger seats. It can also use for an extra seat. Car trunks did lock for security reasons, but some tricks will teach you to open the car trunk without the key. Read this article for five ways to extend your box without a key.

How To Open A Car Trunk Without A Key

How To Open A Car Trunk Without A Key

To unlock a trunk, you can use a coat hanger as an easier way to anger. It is a prevalent method. Sometimes, you will need a coat hanger. Almost every trunk on the road does design with a standard lock that can force it to open with a coat hanger if you have enough time. Most people unlock the box by prying the lock with a coat hanger. 

Instead, you want to hold the coat hanger in one hand and then gently push the lock with the other hand while slowly turning the key. The safety will eventually give way, and you will be able to open up the trunk or a box.

How Will You Open A Car Trunk With A Tow Rope?

How To Open A Car Trunk Without A Key

When a person locks the car from inside, the best way to open the car trunk with tow rope is to position the cord vertically over the compartment closed with the cable on top. Adjust the rope length to tight enough not to sag the string. Now open the car door and tie the rope’s end to the car door. Put the one end of the rope and pull very hard. 

Steps To Open The Car Trunk Without A Key:

  • Press the button on your keychain.
  • Place your hand on the trunk handle.
  • With your hand on the trunk handle, press the button on the key chain again.
  • The trunk will unlock after it senses the handle does press twice.
  • You can hold on to a button for a few seconds. The box will open once you need to drive the vehicle. In most cases, the controller did locate on the door.
  • After pressing the button, the trunk will open, and you can take any item from the box.

Open A Car Trunk With Jumper Cables

The appropriate way to open the trunk is with jumper cables. If you’re using jumper cables, attach them to the device. It would be best if the lines hook up to a car with a running engine. Attaching the cable to the car’s door hinge may be better.  

Assuming the cable is connected to the trunk, hook the other end to the jumper cables connected to the running car. The box should unlock if you’re doing everything according to the procedure. If it does not respond yet, check the battery. It might need more power for the trunk opens up. Once the chest is open, you can fix the problem yourself. If there is a problem with the trunk’s motor, find a professional to fix it. Never open the box manually, as it can cause injury.

Open A Car Trunk With A Water Hose:

The first step to opening a trunk is to locate the latch. Usually, you will find this latch at the top of the box, on its backside. Next, use a water hose to spray the latch with water while someone else tries to pull up on the trunk. It depends on waiting for a few moments, and the latch should break! Once it breaks, you can open the box effortlessly.

Open A Car Trunk With A Screwdriver:

Open a car trunk with a screwdriver. The steps are simple. First, determine where to insert the screwdriver and which way to turn it so the box will open. Once you have done this, place the screwdriver in the slot and turn the trunk release. When you catch it difficult for the trunk opens up. There may be more significant damage to the car with a screwdriver, and you should consult a mechanic.

How To Open A Car Trunk With A Release Cable?

How To Open A Car Trunk With A Release Cable

Car trunk release cable is available in almost all cars these days. In some cases, the release cable is available within the car trunk itself, but most of the time, it dies to locate near the car. The release cable comes in handy in cases where the car trunk is accidentally closed or locked. The line (usually attached to the car trunk door) pulls to release the trunk lid. It will help you open the trunk even when the key is unavailable. 

The trunk lid could accidentally release with the line, which may cause damage to the trunk itself. A spare key for the box should make to prevent such a situation. It will help in securely closing the car trunk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Of The Following Do You Unlock Car Trunks?

  • Open the car trunk using the inside lock.
  • Open car trunk using the outside latch.

What Is The Unique Way To Open A Car Trunk Without A Key From The Outside?

  • Open the car doors first, then lift the trunk lid.
  • Insert a pyramid-shaped paper link into the keyhole.

What’s The Most Creative Way You’ve Seen Someone Unlock A Car Trunk?

  • They climbed into the backseat and unlocked it from the inside.
  • They Press the unlock button on the car if it has one.

Is It Possible To Open A Car Trunk Without A Battery?

  • I reach inside and release the trunk latch manually.
  • I pop the hood and pull the release handle on the trunk. 


Many different techniques can use to open a locked car without a key. Some people prefer the Jeep Wrangler system, where one can remove the emergency key from an exterior spot and start the vehicle. Others may choose electric methods, such as using power locks to open the door remotely inside or outside the car. One can also use tools to open trunks manually if needed.