How to Open Tesla Glove Box | 3 Methods Shared By Expert

How to Open Tesla Glove Box

As you would assume, the glove box is always found on the rear window of a Tesla. Every automobile has a dashboard that doubles as a drawer where you may keep your necessities. The front passenger is directly in front of the drawer. So you couldn’t access the glove box in this automobile, which is why you came here. The Tesla glove box is routinely opened and closed by an electric engine, so if it becomes stuck or breaks, you can’t just grab a lever and pull it open. You are at the proper location! We’ll let you know how to open the Tesla glove box.

Tesla dislikes following established conventions. As a result, the outdated, ugly handle you previously used to access the glove box in your automobile has been removed. You may be wondering how to access the glove box in a Tesla if you’re one of the fortunate ones who just received your brand-new gadget.

It could take a little while to figure out how to use the glove box, but once you do, it will come naturally. So how do you operate the Tesla glove box? Come along as we highlight this below.

How to Open Tesla Glove Box

Three methods are provided below:

Method 1: Tesla Voice Control

Tesla Voice Control

Using voice control is one of the simplest methods to unlock the glove box on your Tesla.

What to do is as follows:

  • Say “open glove box” while pressing and holding the voice control button on your steering column to your right. The screen will display a message letting you know when the glove box opens.
  • With its LEDs on, the glove box will open right away. DONE!
  • If you have got a setup for a glove box pin, the function will display the entry screen. Before the glove box unlocks, you must input the pin.
  • If the voice command doesn’t function for whatever reason or you want to utilize a different approach. The touchscreen may get used to accessing the glove box as well.

Method 2: Using the Display

The touchscreen on your Tesla may get used in unlocking the glove box in a second method. As follows:

Step #1: touch the automobile symbol on the home screen. The controls menu will appear as a result.

Step #2: Search for the symbol that resembles an open glove box. “Open Glove Box” is written underneath it as well.

This will instantly unlock the glove box.

Method #3: Mechanically Discharge the Latch

You may attempt physically opening the glove box manually with a little do-it-yourself if the glove box is stuck and won’t open using the previous two techniques for whatever reason. It’s not complicated.

The following steps must get followed to access the glove box latch mechanism manually:

  • Unlock the passenger-side door by first unlocking it.
  • Take off the side panel on the rear window of the console.
  • Using a wrench or a slanted pin like an Allen key, physically release the lock (also known as a hex key).

You should be able to access the glove box at this point selectively.

You may schedule your vehicle with the Tesla service using the Tesla app if this is too much for you.

How Do I Close the Tesla Glove Box?

Holding the top of the glove box door, press it upward until you feel it click into place to shut the glove box. Contrary to the software-assisted opening, a manual push is required to close the glove box.

Why won’t my glove box stay shut?

This indicates that the trigger no more springs back if your glove box doesn’t remain closed. By manually releasing the circular triggers on the left and right sides of the glove box and attempting to shut it, you may determine whether this is the issue. If it continues to close, you probably have a problem, and they need to be changed. The warranty Tesla covers this particular component.

How to set a Tesla Glove box’s PIN

You may want to think about adding a glove box PIN if your glove box contains any sensitive data, such as your USB drive for Sentry Mode. The Pin Code will be necessary whenever someone attempts to unlock the glove box. A Tesla glove compartment does not come with a PIN lock by default. However, it’d be a good idea to add one if you want to store anything of worth in there.

Indeed, a thief will ultimately succeed if they are determined enough. But one of the best ways to prevent kids from stealing is to slow them down.

Do not forget that the glove box is not designed to serve as a safe. By gaining access to the panel’s side panel and physically disengaging the clasp, the glove box may be opened by hand. To unlock and open the rear hatch, access must get granted. Here are the procedures to take to activate the PIN function on your Tesla glove box:

  • To see the car settings, click the Car icon.
  • The Safety & Security option
  • Choose Glove box PIN by scrolling down.
  • To establish a PIN, you will be encouraged.

Every time you click the glove box button after creating the PIN for the glove box, you will need to enter it to unlock the glove box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the PIN for my Tesla Glove box?

You should access the glove box usually if you forget your PIN, and below the PIN numeric keypad is a link that says “Forgotten PIN.” You will be prompted to input your Tesla login information to change the PIN when you click that link.

When the vehicle is locked, is the glove box shut as well?

Unless the car is secured via the touchpad, the glove box also gets secured when the vehicle is locked. Your glove box will also be locked when you close your vehicle using a key fob, phone, keycard, or app. The glove compartment is locked while the car is in Valet Mode.

Without a key, can I access the Tesla trunk?

Yes. You may open the back trunk from the inside using a led mechanical latch that is placed there. If your automobile has no electricity, this still functions. A person who is imprisoned inside may also escape using this automatic mechanism. To unlock the latch, firmly press the lighted button in the arrow’s position.


In conclusion, the tesla glove box is an extra storage section for drivers. And if you need help on how to open it, the above tips will aid you immensely.