How to Lock Tesla Model 3 | Guide with Images for Better Understanding

How to Lock Tesla Model 3

The layout of the locking mechanism in a Tesla Model 3—or, better yet, the absence of one—might freak off first-time owners. Thus, we have made this post on How to lock tesla model 3. You can lock your Tesla Model 3 automobile with your key cards. This is in conjunction with the satnav in the center of the Tesla’s dashboard and your phone. Understanding how to use the Tesla locking mechanism is crucial. And we’re here to address all your inquiries about how to lock and unlock a Tesla Model 3 using the cutting-edge alternatives that are accessible. Come along.

How to Lock Tesla Model 3

How to Lock Tesla Model 3

Do you have thoughts on how to lock a Tesla Model 3? You will benefit much from this content. You may lock all the doors and compartments by tapping the lock symbol on the touch screen while seated within a Tesla Model 3. Depending on if the doors are locked or opened, the icon changes.

Tesla cars also have automatic locking trunks and doors. This is true each time you leave with your associated key fob or verified phone. You must touch the knobs and locks and walk away to switch this function on or off—the Door Locks.

The external lights flicker once, and the mirrors retract when the doors lock (if Fold Mirrors is on). Whenever the Model 3 locks, you may add a verification sound by selecting the Controls menu, clicking Lock, and then turning on the Lock Confirmation Tone.

Shut the door and pull away from your Tesla, and the vehicle will lock itself if your phone gets configured with the Tesla App. This is possible as long as there are no authorized key cards or fobs inside the automobile.

You must first configure your phone before using it as a key. The actions you must do are as follows:

Set up an account, log in, and install the Tesla app.

  • On your smartphone, activate Bluetooth. 
  • On your smartphone, activate location services.
  • On the screen of the vehicle, choose “Accept Mobile Access” under “Control system > Safety & Security.”
  • Touch Phone Key and then Start on the Tesla app.
  • You should tap your key card on the door post when the vehicle is detected.

If it is effective, the Tesla App shows “done.”

Keep in mind: You get 30 seconds to finish connecting your phone with your key card.

How to lock tesla model 3: More possibilities

How to Lock Tesla Model 3

In addition to the highlights above, more possibilities for a tesla model 3 to lock include:

1. Continue Driving Locking

Every time you drive faster than five mph (8 km/h), the Tesla Model 3 shuts all of the doors and the trunk.

2. Child Safety Lock

Back doors of the Model 3 include child-protection latches that make it impossible to unlock them using the interior releasing buttons. Tap Controller > Locking > Child Lock on the touch interface.

When kids are riding in the back seats, it gets advised that you switch on the child-protection features.

Does Tesla lock instantaneously?

When the operator of a Tesla exits the vehicle while still holding the key fob or the mobile phone for the Model 3 that has been linked with the car, the doors automatically lock. The walk-away locking mechanism function may get turned off either worldwide or only for the area designated as your “home.”

If any of the following conditions exist, the car will not lock automatically:

  • A Model 3 is recognized inside with an authorized phone or paired key fob. You are not using an authorized smartphone or paired key fob as the access, and you leave with the key card or mismatched key fob. By striking it on the door post, you must mechanically lock the Model 3 while using the access card. You must physically lock the Model 3 by pushing the lock button when using an unconnected key fob (offered as an extra).
  • A doorway or chest that isn’t shut all the way.
  • Bluetooth is not enabled on the phone.
  • Walk-away locking is briefly put on hold for one minute when all doors are open. And the Model 3 instantly gets released by your authorized phone or linked key fob. When you unlock the door during this time, it won’t lock again until every door gets shut and you have left using the associated key fob or authorized smartphone.
  • Walk-Away Lock is disabled, and doors do not lock when you walk away if Model 3 detects an authorized key for five minutes after you depart the car and shut all of the doors. In this situation, you will need to physically lock your vehicle until after your next drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to shut a Tesla without a phone

You may use your key card to open, start, and shut your Model 3 in cases when your smartphone key has a dead battery, is missing, or has gotten stolen. You can operate the Model 3’s front and back trunks, access, secure, and drive-by by pushing keys on the key fob.

How can I tell whether the Tesla I own is locked?

You ought to be able to hear an auditory tone and see the side mirrors flip inward as you back away from the vehicle and get approximately 30 feet away. This serves as both an acoustic and a visual cue that the automobile is secured.

Does the Tesla Model 3 shut itself?

If you have your key fob with you, you may also use the outside door knob on the back of the trunk to unlock it without using the key. When you leave and the key fob is no more within range, the Model 3 locks itself if Walk-Away Door Lock is activated.

What is keyless entry?

You may lock and open your car’s doors without a key with keyless entry technologies. A rudimentary keyless entry technology with a short-range remote transmission is present in most contemporary US automobiles.

Do Teslas come with keys?

Traditional vehicle keys or fobs are not provided to Tesla Model 3 customers. Instead, the automobile manufacturer gives customers a keycard and a smartphone app to enter and control the vehicle. Additionally, keyless cars have particular difficulties.

Is Tesla Autopilot legal?

Owning or operating a self-driving automobile isn’t outright forbidden anywhere in the United States. Numerous states have enacted legislation governing or permitting the use of driverless driving. To be ready for any changes brought on by self-driving automobiles. However, no country has explicitly outlawed the technology.

Are there keys for keyless cars?

Modern keyless ignition systems use key fobs to send an exceptional low-frequency communication to the vehicle’s software system. This enables you to activate your engine by pressing a button. Your engine may get turned off just as simply. The fob allows keyless entrance into your automobile as well.

Can I add a keyless entry?

Almost every car may have a keyless entry device integrated by your neighborhood mobile improvement store. Your local expert mobile modification merchant can install manufacturer lock circuits or aftermarket isolators if your automobile lacks any form of power locks. Once connected, they may use a controller.


In conclusion, the tesla model 3 is an excellent EV worth having. To enjoy the merits, learning how to lock tesla model 3, as highlighted above, will be quite essential.