How to Ungovern a Truck | Full Process Explained by Expert

How to Ungovern a Truck

The governor is among the truck’s challenges. There are several considerations why your car possibly has a governor problem, and this article will examine all possible causes. It also goes into great length on how to ungovern the truck.

What is the Governor of a Truck?

How to Ungovern a Truck

A governor limiter or speed controller is a device used to measure and control the speed of a machine, such as a motor. A truck governor is a system that prevents your truck from exceeding a specific pace.

As a result, you may step on the brake if you wish, but the controller will keep your car from speeding up.

You might be wondering what the truck governor’s primary function is. It monitors your vehicle’s speed and sends data to the engine control module. The governor sensor restricts the fuel and air supply to the engine if it senses that your vehicle is over a certain speed. As a result, even if you push the accelerator pedal, your vehicle’s speed will not rise.

In an emergency, pushing firmly on the accelerator pedal may enhance your vehicle’s speed. Please remember that this technology is unrelated to your vehicle’s braking system.

How to Ungovern a Truck

Before ungoverning speed governor, you must first find out which truck model you own because the manufacturers stopped producing speed controllers for later models from 1997-1998 and switched to modules for computer technology.

Before you begin, if you have no technical knowledge of reprogramming your computer, do this task with a professional. 

Step 1:

First, purchase a power programmer from your local auto parts store. The power program will help you override your current system and ungovern it. Get instructions for installing the program.

Step 2: 

Now, remove the old computer program from the truck. The flow program provides instructions on how to ungovern it from the truck.

Step 3: 

After removing the old one, install a new power programmer (this is best done with the help of a professional). You can now ungovern the governor from the truck by opening it.

How to Set the Governor on the Truck?

How to Ungovern a Truck

Step 1: 

You must first connect your truck to the control unit. Then you need to install the software to perform the next step. The software should vary depending on the engine of your truck. You must use Volvo PTT software to own a Volvo truck. Or, if you own Cummins, you must use Cummins Engines software.

Step 2:

After connecting the software to the ECM, go to “Features and Parameters”, located on the screen’s left side. Then wait for it to reload.

Step 3: 

Once some options come in, you must scroll down to find the “Road Speed ​​​​Governor”. Then you have to click on it, and 4 options will appear. The first option, “65 mph”, refers to the maximum speed when depressing the accelerator pedal.

The second option concerns the actual maximum speed of the vehicle. Gas blades control both. However, the “maximum vehicle speed” depends on the road surface. If you exceed the limit, the motor will stop you automatically.

Step 4:

If you want to adjust the speed, just change the speed limit in the speed field. If you set both fields with similar numbers, such as 90, you cannot exceed the speed limit of 90 mph.

Step 5: 

After setting the parameter, you need to go to the above options and find the “Send to Ecm” option. You have to click on it, and a pop-up message will appear. You should press the OK button.

Then there’s a good idea to wait for the procedure to finish. Then start the contact and click ok. If you do everything right, you will see a successful message. This means that you have successfully set the cruise control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove the speed limiter?

There are a few options for turning off your car’s speed limitation. The functionality of your car’s engine computer, like most computers, may be altered. Some automobiles, believe it or not, have built-in mechanisms to evade the governor.

How do you get the governor out of the car?

Install a new power programmer in your car or perform it by a trained professional. The power programmer is relatively affordable and removes the controller by replacing the speed limit set by the manufacturer. You may quickly get rid of your governor at the time as long as you have access to this coder.

How does the speed limiter work?

The sensors in your car detect how fast you are driving, which is then relayed to the engine computer. The PC directs the progression of fuel and air to the motor when a predefined speed is accomplished.

What is the most effective method for turning off the speed controller?

Intelligent speed limiters are a common term for these devices. All speed limiters may be bypassed by forcefully slamming on the gas pedal, allowing you to accelerate whenever you choose.

Why is speed limiters installed on trucks?

The speed limiter rule reduces the maximum speed a large truck can travel on our roads, reducing the maximum potential distance needed in an emergency braking situation and the maximum potential force in a collision.

What is the function of a speed limit on a truck?

Speed limiters, sometimes known as “speed controllers,” use computer engineering and electrical sensors to limit the speed of a vehicle. When the vehicle reaches a particular maximum speed, the sensors alert the truck’s internal computer, telling it to slow down.


The governor control is an important safety feature of your truck. It limits the speed of your truck to give you more safety. However, sometimes it is important to ungovern speed control.