How to Put a Car in Neutral without a Key | 9 Ways to Apply

How to Put a Car in Neutral without a Key

Many individuals convey the experience of losing command of their car. Its solution is as simple as putting the car in neutral, but it cannot be accessible without a key. This guide will help you more in how to put your vehicle in neutral without a key. When you have faced difficulty putting your car in neutral, this article is for you. It is a container controlling a car without a key to neutralize it. It is helpful for people who have locked their keys inside the vehicle when unable to put the car in neutral.

How to Put a Car in Neutral without a Key

How to Put a Car in Neutral without a Key

A car without a key can be difficult to start and drive when you have lost your keys while driving, are worried about getting the car to stop. Positioning your car in neutral may be challenging at moments. Suppose you’re looking for a solution to putting your vehicle in neutral without a key. That’s so we can assist you. Now allow reaching over a pair of many ways you can do this. Here is some trick to help create this more comfortable.

9 Easy Ways to Put Your Car in Neutral

Way 1

You can put your car in neutral by using a jack or other lifting device to lift the car off of its drivetrain. Putting strain on the clasp pedal with a screwdriver will permit you to accelerate up the motor on some cars. It is only to engage the clutch and put the car in neutral.

Way 2

To put your car in neutral, you can use a tool like a screwdriver to push down on the gear shift handle, turning it into neutral. It will vary by car and make model.

Way 3

Put the car in park, and then use the keyless entry system to put it into Neutral. However, turn the ignition switch off, wait for 30 seconds, and push the start button again.

Way 4

One way is to find something breakable inside the car, throw it against the gearshift, and then turn it away from the drive. This way is used more for this purpose

Way 5

When driving, it is always essential to ensure that the car is neutral when getting out of the vehicle. Make sure the clutch pedal does push down to put the transmission in neutral. When you hear a clicking sound, you put the gear in neutral.

Way 6

You can put your car in neutral without a key by inserting a thin item, such as a credit card, into the small slot near the bottom of your steering wheel. Remember to apply pressure with your hand on the other side of the steering wheel so you do not accidentally hit the brakes.

Way 7

You can also do this by turning the steering wheel to one side and then quickly to the other side. After turning the wheel, try starting your engine again. It will prove very helpful for putting the car in neutral.

Way 8

Therefore, when you want to stop the car without using the brake pedal, it is good to use the handbrake. It can do by pulling up on the lever next to your right foot putting pressure on the rear brakes. When this happens, all four wheels will have equal weight. The most important thing about using this braking method is that it requires no energy from your legs and arms to stop the car.

Way 9

Automatic transmissions are now more advanced than ever. These transmissions did prevent cars from stalling out and improved fuel efficiency. They can find small passenger cars and SUVs in every vehicle on the road. 

When an automobile does not go into reverse, the first thing that you should do is find out what is wrong. First, check your clutch pedal to ensure that it’s not stuck in the depressed position. Then try to release the parking brake and see if the car will roll out of gear. If it doesn’t move out of its load, make sure that you have driven less than two miles with the car in neutral.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a neutral safety switch?

It is a device that prevents the vehicle from moving when the gear shift lever is not in the park position. This device does primarily designed to avoid accidents.

When the gear lever is in gear position, how to put the car in neutral?

The most reasonable thing to examine is whether the shift lever is dual or first-in-line. Sometimes the shift lever gets moved into neutral by mistake. If it’s in the drive position, the vehicle will not move. The shift lever needs to pull out of drive and back into the park. If it is in reverse and the car is in motion, the shift will need to be pushed forward into the drive position. 

How to Drive with a Manual Transmission of Car?

If you are driving a manual transmission, always start in first gear. Focusing on the highway behind the wheel may enable you to secure up faster. If you are driving on a busy road, it would be wise to be in 3rd gear or higher. When going on a flat surface, you can use appropriate equipment for your speed.

What are some considerations before you start your car without a key?

Before you start your car without a key, consider a few things:

  • Make sure the ignition is on.
  • You must be careful about leaving anything valuable in your vehicle as it may steal while you’re gone.
  • Use a remote keyless entry if it’s available to give people temporary access to your car.


It should be possible for those who drive safely to put their car in neutral and drive off safely, avoiding the risk of being stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery. It is essential to place your vehicle in a neutral position. It must park before turning off your engine. When parked, merely set your parking brake and move the gear shifter into the Neutral gear position.