How to Register a Financed Car | 4 Steps You Don’t Know Before

How to Register a Financed Car

Suppose you want to register a financed car, especially in the USA. In that case, you should possess evidence of your identity, your title, auto insurance documents, and the payment receipt for your local DHSMV location. Those living in the United States have to get the VIN inspection, get new license plates and have an official odometer reading done for one to two years.

In addition to this, you also have to make the payment on possible sale tax on the vehicle out of state. This post will get the steps to register a financed car.

How to Register a Financed Car

How to Register a Financed Car

The residents of the USA have to register their vehicles like cars whenever a person purchases or gives to them. The registration process can differ in different states and depends on getting the car from a dealer, private company, or private company.

Dealer purchases

The authorized dealers have the permission to issue the registration document or the license plate, do all the processes done in terms of titling and fees, and charge the initial registration fee at the time of purchase. It will be ideal and beneficial for the cardholder to request the dealer to do the electronic and automatic registration and the electronic filing system.

Moreover, the dealer can provide you with the document for the registration and transfer the vehicle deed in 30 days or less than this. If the dealer cannot do this process within the required deadline, you should call the motor vehicle department to proceed further. The motor vehicles and highway safety department will contact you in this regard, and you will get the hold in your county.

Leased vehicle registration

The dealer doing your car registration process will finish the titling process for their clients. It is important to note that the fees required for leasing and registration of a vehicle are primarily on the higher side in terms of cost than owning the vehicle.

Initial taxes and registration fees

The contract for the registration of the licensed car does not contain the fees and title of the car. If this is the case, the trader can ask you for the exact dollar amount regarding paid fees. The dealers can also add the extra filing fees for the registration and fee of the vehicle, but these charges should be enclosed separately while doing the registration process.

Private party purchases

While buying the car privately, you have to fill out the documents and forms for registration and titling on your own and then submit them to the county collector’s office. You have to complete the documents for a sale document with the previous owner to keep a record of the purchase. The seller must file this form to the tax collectors’ office, but you should have a copy of the form to record the agreement.

Follow the below-given steps for registration:

  • Write the title of the car with the previous owner
  • Ensure to check the VIN on the vehicle that it should match the title’s VIN. If the car does not contain the FL title, you must opt for the VIN inspection
  • fill out the mileage document and the odometer; it only implies on the vehicle that is less than 10 years old
  • Now submit the complete document of title to the county’s tax collector’s office to give all documents to the agent
  • You have to present proof of being insured in the USA
  • You should make the payment for the registration of the car in terms of fees
  • Titling fees
  • Fee for registration
  • County fees
  • Possible temporary license plates fees
  • Get the license plates in addition to registration stickers

Documents Needed for the Registration of the Financed Car

Documents Needed for the Registration of the Financed Car

Like any other state, you have to show all the essential documents like license plate and certificate of title and bring them all to the regional locations. With the use of these documents, the department of the motor will register the transfer deed with out-of-state essentials.

The following parties are in the registration of the car:

  • County tax collector’s office
  • Any police officer
  • Any car licensed dealership
  • DMV inspectors
  • Notary public
  • An active-duty military office

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register a car without having the title in the USA?

The drivers cannot register a car for on-road use without a car title in the USA. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles provides a form for requesting a duplicate title if you do not have the vehicle title in the USA.

Can you drive a car you bought home without registration in the USA?

You can drive a car for up to 30 days in the USA without an official license plate. It is against the rules and regulations in the USA to issue a second temporary tag.

Can you register a car in Florida?

Suppose you want to get the car’s registration quickly or renew a vehicle or vessel registration. In this case, you can choose the online process for, where motor vehicle registration is easy, like registration renewals for motor vehicles for one to two years or even more.

In Florida, can a non-resident register a car?

If you are not a resident of Florida and purchase a new car or old vehicle, you should apply for temporary registration tags. You can proceed with the process by visiting the county tax collectors’ office and showing the evidence of insurance. In addition, you are legally responsible for the Florida sales tax on the vehicle.


To register the financed car in the USA, follow the steps discussed above either in the state registration or the registration out of state. You should get a driver’s license from an insurance company to complete the process. If you don’t have the physical out-of-state registration and title, you should contact the tax collector office to resolve the registration process.

Furthermore, it is also a fact that registration of the financed vehicles or a car varies in different states and also requires different types of documents and papers according to the rules prevailing in the states.