How to Release Freon from Car | Simple 3 Step Guide by Expert

How to Release Freon from Car

To release Freon from a car is a simple process, as you will get to be a professional car mechanic. Awareness of how to remove a Freon gas from an air conditioner will be a helpful tip, and same as you can do it to your car. Releasing a Freon gas from a car is a helpful DIY tip that can save your money and give you more knowledge about your car’s AC.

If you follow the simple steps to release a Freon from your car AC, you can easily do it in your home. 

How to Release Freon from Car

How to Release Freon from Car

If you want to release the Freon gas from your car AC, you should have the recovery machine, as this machine can recover and recycle the cooling elements in the vehicle. When the recovery machine recycles and releases the coolant, it’s done. 

There are mainly three steps to remove Freon from a car.

Step 1: Connect the service port and search for the low-pressure service port

After taking safety precautions:

  • Bring the recovery machine in front of your vehicle.
  • Link the recovery machine to the service hoses of the car air conditioner service ports.
  • After connecting service hoses to the car AC port, search for your car’s low-pressure service port.

The easy way to find out the low-pressure service port is to follow the line assembly and hoses from the backside of your car AC and compressor to the cylinder.

On the back of your AC compressor, you will find the low-pressure service line if you follow the hoses and the line assembly. It would help if you remembered two low-pressure and high-pressure lines. The high-pressure line is smaller in size than the low-pressure line.

The low-pressure service port is not in the same position and on the same line in every vehicle. The low-pressure service port is on the AC compressor in most vehicles, so you should check in your car. 

Step 2: Start the recovery machine.

When you find the low-pressure service port and connect the recovery machine to the air conditioner service port, the working of the recovery machine will start working.

The coolant recovery machine will work simply by pulling out all the Freon gas or coolant from your car AC. When you connect the recovery machine’s Schroeder valves to the AC, it will produce a vacuum and absorb all the Freon gas out of the car AC system. 

Now run the recovery machine, and it will then release the Freon vapors and non-condensable gases from the AC of the car. Still, there will be some amount of the cooling substances in the liquid form, but it will not cause any harm, and the recovery machine will convert the gas into vapor.

You have to allow the recovery machine to operate many times to the system pressure, and the recovery machine will change the liquid into vapor. 

The Freon will then release from the internal pressure. The recovery machine will switch off automatically when the system is empty. Leave the recovery machine as it is because when the air pressure increases in the system, it will restart and pull the vacuum again.

Step 3: Run the recovery machine

The final stage in getting the Freon gas from the car AC is disconnecting the recovery machine in the car AC from the service port. Close the service hose valves before the disconnection of the recovery machine.

Otherwise, your car AC will get damaged, and then your car AC will not be able to operate and will not blow cold air when the car is moving or in a stationary state. This is why you have to be very cautious while practicing the whole procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove Freon from car AC?

The blue or low sides need to show a vacuum that reads at or below zero. If it does not work like this, there is a leak that you should get repaired before doing the process forward. Run the pump for thirty minutes, then turn the pump off and turn the red and blue gauges; this will complete removing the Freon from the car AC.

How do you remove Freon?

The only way to get rid of Freon gas from HVAC systems is to use a declaimer. The machine’s function is to catch the Freon, strain out the impurities, and store the gas for future use because it is unlawful to discharge the Freon gas into the environment. It contains fluorocarbons that are harmful to the atmosphere.  

What will be the result if you have too much Freon in your car AC?

As a common downside, the excess of Freon gas can stop working of the compressor at its capacity. In some cases, the extra Freon gas can accumulate inside the compressor of the AC and results in overcooling and undercooling. In the worst situations, the Freon gas can even harm the car’s internal machinery and compressor of the AC car.

Can you discharge Freon gas into the atmosphere?

To reduce Freon depletion, the US environmental protection department prohibits releasing the Freon gas into the atmosphere during the servicing of the car AC process in homes, buildings, plants, and other locations. 


Releasing the Freon gas from your car AC is not the complex process to do as you may think. If you monitor the step mentioned above, you can easily eradicate the Freon from the car. If you use the car recovery machine for this process, you should be extra careful while releasing it. 

Finding the recovery machine is an overwhelming task due to some reason. Most areas need certification, and permission t remove the Freon gas from the car AC to protect the environment and ensure the process goes properly. Alternatively, you can also remove the Freon gas from your home or car AC without the recovery machine and with the help of a car vacuum pump.