How to Remember Pre Trip Inspection CDL | Follow These 7 Steps

How to Remember Pre Trip Inspection CDL

Memorizing the pre-departure CDL inspection is undoubtedly one of the most challenging tasks you will encounter on your way to earning a commercial driver’s license. Don’t worry, it’s possible. The pre-trip is intimidating because there are so many things to remember. This article will help you how to remember pre trip inspection CDL. 

Overview of Pre-Trip Inspection

How to Remember Pre Trip Inspection CDL

A pre-trip check includes the interior, engine compartment, and exterior of a commercial vehicle. Federal law requires a commercial vehicle driver to complete one every day before driving and at least once every 24 hours.

It would help if you did a pre-trip every time you started driving your truck. The aim is to ensure that the vehicle can be driven safely. This provides you the opportunity to correct any issues. Many drivers consider this a backache, but you should do it every time you drive your car.

The pre-trip takes roughly 15-45 minutes on average. Everything depends on the type of vehicle you drive and your degree of involvement. After a few years of driving, your preparation for the trip will inevitably go faster because you know better and you know what to look for.

As a novice driver, you must take your time and ensure that everything is done correctly. Please make it a habit always to perform a thorough inspection to reduce the number of problems you encounter. 

How to Remember Pre Trip Inspection CDL

How to Remember Pre Trip Inspection CDL


Repeating a pre-trip over and again is the only way to remember it by turning over with the motor, and advancing around the truck until you arrive at a taxi.

Once you continue to get it done, you will always be unable to get away. You remember more the more you do. It’s a piece of cake.

Take a recording of someone else

You can find a video of someone conducting a pre-trip on YouTube, and it works very well for the most part. But go one step further. Ask someone (such as an instructor or friend) to pre-trip and record a video.

When they are doing so, you may use your camera’s zoom to view what the components are like and what is being inspected. Be certain that the individual you’re recording knows what they’re doing and is willing to show you everything.

Smaller Components

To avoid being overwhelmed, divide the pre-exit into smaller sections. It will be a difficult effort if you try to memorize everything at once. Memorize each component before putting it together. If you do it this way, you’ll discover that learning for the journey is a lot simpler.

Let your imagination go wild.

Before you go to sleep, do it in bed. Keep your eyes shut and envision yourself finishing each progression of the pre-trip agenda. Keep an eye on how you identify the pieces and pay attention to yourself. Duplicate this procedure until you’ve gone through all the trucks, both inside and out.

Locate the truck

It is beneficial if you have access to a truck. The photographs alone are insufficient. Most of you will be trained at a private school, a company-sponsored training program, or a community college.

All of this offers you access to a genuine vehicle, and you should practice your pre-departure routine every day. Make the most of your time with a truck by practicing your pre-departure procedures as often as possible.

Make use of the list

Using a checklist to recall a pre-trip is perhaps the most popular method. Depending on where you work out, you will undoubtedly be given a checklist to follow. Although not all checklists must be completed in the same sequence, they should cover the same topics.

Use Images/Diagrams

There are plenty of image sources to help you remember the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remember the pre-trip?

Repeating a pre-trip over and again is the only way to remember it. Start with the motor and work your strategy for getting around the truck; in the long run, show up at the taxi. It is impossible to receive that you continue to get it done in return. 

What do you say about the pre-trip check?

Pre-Trip Inspection is a word test. Say at least 2 things about each item you check. Point or tap each item you check. 

Is learning to drive a trailer a tough task?

Learning to drive a truck is easy. You will learn to drive the truck and trailer with sufficient training and practice. Since you are one of the largest vehicles on the road, you need more space for easy rides. Turning, reversing, and crossing intersections requires much more time and skill.

What precisely is the reason for a pre-trip investigation?

The main reason for a pre-ride inspection is your safety. It can be dangerous to drive on the road with an unsecured load. The brakes are damaged; the wiring is not connected, etc.

Is a pre-trip check part of the travel time?

Carrying out a pre-trip check is part of the travel time. Release from all duties and responsibilities is an example of a time-out.

What is a pre-trip check?

Pre-departure Inspection of a truck is a thorough inspection of the truck and its key systems to maintain road safety. Check should be performed before the driver’s shift and something like once at regular intervals out and about.


The pre-trip check is critical for a road test. You are not inspecting the car to guarantee its safety; rather, you are displaying your expertise to the examiners and authorities evaluating you for your driver’s license. Also, you’re proving that you know the names of the vehicle’s primary components, know if they’re functional and not damaged, and perform a visual assessment.