How to Remove Roof Racks without a Key | Different Methods Shared

How to Remove Roof Racks without a Key

The roof rack is one of the most valuable accessories invented for automobiles. It uses for transporting cars and other things to be kept strapped safely. It makes from lightweight aluminum, which is vital. It can hold a lot of pressure without any problem. But, sometimes it becomes a problem for drivers because it needs proper removal to avoid any insecurity. In this guide, I will teach you how to remove roof racks without a key.

Removing the roof rack from an automobile is straightforward if you know the process. The only tool needed is a Screwdriver which can use to remove bolts.

Can Shear Bolts Be Removed To Remove Roof Racks?

How to Remove Roof Racks without a Key

The most important to remember is that removing a shear bolt to remove a roof rack will make the frame unsafe. Removing the bolt will weaken the structure of the frame, allowing it to fail or collapse. The shear bolt location is there for safety.

It adds strength to the rack and prevents it from collapsing if part of the rack gets damaged. It can save your life if the object goes inaccurate with the frame and decides to collapse. It may look like a simple bolt, but it’s critical to the design.

How to Remove Roof Racks without a Key

How to Remove Roof Racks without a Key

If you follow these steps, removing roof racks will be a cinch! 

  • First off, find the screws holding the frames on your roof. 
  • You may need to move the shelves slightly to reach them, but don’t worry, the step is still easy! 
  • Now, unscrew the screws and remove the racks. 
  • You can keep them for future use; be sure not to store them where they can get damaged from weather or other objects. 
  • After removing the racks, inspect your roof for any damage, especially if you had to move the shelves to reach the screws. 
  • Now you have the roof racks you once had, but with the added benefit of a clean roof!

How to Remove Roof Racks with Cable Ties? 

Before you take a hammer and start smashing them off, there is a less destructive method that you may use to remove them. If you have a lighter, you may use it to loosen the tape. Use it to burn the end of the cable tie lightly, and then peel it off.

That should remove it from the roof racks without damaging the paint. If you don’t have a lighter, you should hit the cable tie lightly with a hammer. Then, it would help if you pulled the cable tie off the rack. It may damage the vehicle a little, but it shouldn’t be permanent. 

How to Remove Roof Racks with Philips Head Screwdriver? 

To remove your roof racks with a Philips head screwdriver, you will need to remove all the screws attaching the mounts/crossbars to your vehicle. You will then need to abolish the screws securing the mountains together. The last bolts may be #6 or #8 screws in the towers, depending on the bracket-style. 

It would help slide them off the mounts and set them aside to remove the buildings. Be careful not to set down them as they can be heavy. Once the towers are off, you can remove the mounts. 

How to Remove Roof Racks With A Chisel

Remove roof racks with a chisel. Foremost, utilize the hammer to extract the roof rack. The chisel needs to place next to the head of the bolt. Then, place the chisel on the inside of the plastic cover. 

Place the flat head screwdriver on the opposite side of the bolt. It will reduce the friction from the screwdriver. Then, you can use the chisel again. It will remove the bolt quickly. 

How to Remove Roof Racks Using a Sledgehammer

Removal of roof racks can be tricky, especially if a sledgehammer is involved. To remove roof racks from a vehicle, you need to follow these steps. Foremost, you require taking off the auto’s reel and dragging it from the car. Then you must lift the vehicle and put it on jack frames.

After that, you need to use a wrench to loosen the bolts holding the roof rack. Then you can use the sledgehammer to break the roof rack off. Then you need to check all of the places where the roof rack was to confirm that it removes a helpful video on how to remove roof racks.

Safety Tips to Remove Roof Racks without Key

Safety Tips to Remove Roof Racks without Key
  • Be sure to read the defensive tips before removing the roof racks.
  • Use care when removing the roof racks.
  • There’s no need to remove the roof racks before washing the vehicle.
  • Do not remove the roof racks from a vehicle parked on a grade.
  • Remove the roof racks only in dry weather.
  • Remove the roof racks only after removing any cargo on the roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Unlock My Thule Roof Rack Without The Key?

Get bolt cutters from the nearest hardware store and cut them open.

Are Roof Rack Keys Universal?

  • Yea, while there’s no standardization. It might work on the car you want, but it’s not guaranteed.
  • Yes, all car keys are the same shape and size

How Do You Open A Locked Roof Rack Without A Key?

  • Remove the back and get to the release latch inside.
  • Get an oil can and spay it into the keyhole. Its oil can be lubricant!

How Do I Remove A Whip Bar Roof Rack Without The Key?

  • Pry open the latch from above and then pull out the brackets.
  • Take off the metal plates on each side of the silver latch at the front. 
  • Utilize wire blades to cut off both destinies of the safety on each bracket, and then drag out the racks.
  • Use pliers to bend back the metal tabs of each bracket at an angle, and then pull out the brackets. 
  • Drill two holes in each bracket


We hope you benefit from our article about removing a roof rack without the key. They will be able to remove the roof rack without using a key and do it in a way that will not cause any damage to the car. If you do not want to go through the hassle of taking your vehicle to a professional, then you can remove the roof rack by yourself.