How to Remove Shear Bolts | A Step by Step Guide

How to Remove Shear Bolts

The hooks are one of the numerous crucial parts of a plane. They hold the aircraft together, act as a safety backup, and make the plane look good. The first rivet on an airplane is called the Shear Bolt. That find on the facade of the fuselage only onwards of the cockpit. It may seem like a relatively unimportant component, but it is an essential part of the aircraft. This blog will examine why it is vital and what occurs if it is skipping. Let’s find out how to remove shear bolts.

How to Remove Shear Bolts

How to Remove Shear Bolts

Tools Needed To Remove Shear Bolts:

There are several tools you’ll need before you start to remove a shear bolt:

  • Strong clamp to hold the nut in place while it’s unscrewed.
  • A wrench that fits the bolt
  • Hammer
  • Wear protective gloves and clothing so you won’t be injured while doing this potentially dangerous job.

Terminate Shear Bolts Operating A Hex Key:

If you have the vital instruments, you can do it yourself. You can buy a shear bolt tool at your local hardware store, but a hex key is the best way to remove a shear bolt.

There are three steps to removing a shear bolt with a hex key:

  • You need to make sure you’re using the correct wrench.
  • Can’t just use any old wrench because these do not explicitly make for this.
  • You demand to make sure you know where the shear bolt is because you want to make sure you’re removing it in the right way.
  • It would assist if you kept a firm grip on the key.

Remove Shear Bolts Using Lubricant

Lubricants are a staple for mechanics. They help reduce friction between two things, including bolts and other fasteners. If you find a stuck bolt, you can use a lubricant to help get it out. You’ll want to use a lubricant like WD-40 to do this. Spray the Lubricant on the bolt and around the area of the bolt you’re trying to take out. Please stay a rare moment to position in, then use a wrenching to revolve the bolt. It should reach out without any trouble.

Remove Shear Bolts Using Torque Wrench:

A torque wrench is a necessary tool for any automotive technician. This article will talk about the steps to remove a shear bolt (a bolt that connects a fan clutch to the engine):

  • Use a 3/8″ drive ratchet to remove the shear bolt by turning counter-clockwise. We suggest the use of a breaker bar to increase torque.
  • Remove the fan shrouds to access the shear bolt.
  • Lubricate the end of the shear bolt to penetrate through the bolt. In various matters, you may also use piercing oil.
  • While holding the bolt tight with a ratchet, use a breaker bar and pull to remove the bolt.

Remove Shear Bolts Using Bolt Extractor:

If you use a bolt extractor, there are three things that you should consider diameter, length, and rotation. To begin with, you need to measure a bolt extractor whether fits in the bolt. If you pick the wrong extractor, you will waste time secondly, length.

The length of the extractor should be long enough to go through the hole in the bolt, and you can get a quick and straightforward measurement by looking at the thickness of the bolt, which is higher than the height of the part.

Finally, it would help to consider how the extractor rotates the bolt. If the bolt is too tight to the wall, the extractor will not turn, and you will not be able to remove it. So, you should have a wide bolt extractor that rotates easily to move the bolt out and down.

How To Remove Shear Bolts By Using A Drill?

Shear bolts differ from other bolts in that they design to break when a specific amount of tension is applied instead of dying from a tensile load. To remove a shear bolt, you must install a drill bit that is slightly bigger than the diameter of the bolt and drill entirely through the bolt. It is essential to use a drill bit that is just slightly bigger than the diameter of the bolt since drilling a hole too big will weaken the bolt. Once the drill bit inserts through the entire bolt length, the bolt will shear in half. The bolt will then become easily removable.

Safety Tips for Removing Shear Bolts

Safety Tips for Removing Shear Bolts
  • Shear bolts are used in the automotive industry as quick means to fasten two parts together. While shear bolts style to be broken free, improper removal can damage the bolts, threads, and the surrounding area. 
  • Pivot bolts, cotter pins, safety nuts, and other fasteners that hold parts to a structure
  • To remove a shear bolt, you’ll need to use a specific bolt and nut size.
  • The first step in removing shear bolts is to hold the bolt with a wrench and remove the nut. • An easy-to-follow guide to make working on your car, truck, or tractor a whole lot safer
  • Using a coating of grease or oil before applying the shear bolt will prevent rust.
  • When installing the shear bolt, it recommends applying grease or oil onto the bolt to prevent rust.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Remove A Shear Bolt?

  • Cut it off with bolt cutters.
  • Drill off the head.
  • Use an angle hoagie to cut it off.

What Do You Know About Shear Bolts?

  • Shear bolts are used to secure the steel beams that make up a building. 
  • They are created of steel and hold a square shape.
  • They are used for lateral stability in situations with a risk of collapse.

What Grade Of Bolts Are Shear Bolts?

Shear bolts are Grade 5 (AKA 5/8-11)

What Kind Of Shear Bolt Is The Strongest?

  • The hex head bolt 
  • The round head bolt


In conclusion, removing shear bolts is a necessary safety precaution. Shear bolts style to release pressure on a structure during an earthquake, but they can also tear away at the building’s foundation. There are several methods for removing shear bolts, including drilling holes in the bolt head and inserting a threaded rod through it until it breaks loose, or using a hydraulic pump to apply pressure to the bolt head until it relinquishes its hold.