How to Remove Windshield Wipers Arm | A Full Step by Step Guide

How to Remove Windshield Wipers Arm

Unfortunately, your windshield wipers will stop working every time it rains. However, these instances are just a reminder to keep your windshield wipers fit and in good condition. So, since you have broken wipers, how do you get them removed? This blog post breaks down the different steps on how to remove windshield wipers arm.

How to Remove Windshield Wipers Arm

How to Remove Windshield Wipers Arm

First, you need to remove the windshield wipers arms. To remove the windshield wiper’s arm, you have to open the hood of your car. After that, you need to unbolt the windshield wipers arms from the vehicle’s body. After removing the components, you need to pull the blades off. 

Then, you need to remove the old motor. Next, you need to attach the new engine. Finally, you need to put the arms back on the car’s body and re-bolt them.

Different Types of Windshield Wipers Arm and Ways to Remove Them

Different Types of Windshield Wipers Arm and Ways to Remove Them

Center-Mounted Wipers

Center-mounted wipers arms are not standard in the United States, but they use in European countries. Wiper arms in these vehicles mount on the center of the windscreen. The wiper arm mechanism is responsible for both wiping and lifting and, in some models, also for the intermittent function. 

You will have to eliminate the center console to access the bolts that hold the wiper arms in place. You should then loosen the wiper arms and remove the wiper arms from the mounting points on the windshield. You need to unscrew the bolts on the new components and put the wipers in place.

Rubber Blade Wiper

Those rubber blade wipers arms are rubber blades attached to the blade arms with 3M double-sided glue. The bottom and the top part of them are rubbery and flexible; that’s why the rubber blade wipers arms bend. You will need several knives and possibly a pair of hot water and a hairdryer to remove them. Place the hot water in a pot. 

Then secure the rubber blade wiper’s arms on a flat surface and place the blade into the hot water. The heat will loosen the rubber blade wipers’ arms from the blade arms. After that, use a hairdryer to bend them back and forth, making the glue dry up and bind more minor. After that, use a scissor to remove the arms altogether.

Scissor Style Wiper

This guide is for you if you have an older vehicle with scissor-style wipers arms! If your wiper arms are in good condition, you can easily replace the wiper blades. To remove your wipers, follow these steps:

  • Remove your cowl and set it aside.
  • We use a wrench to release the nut on the post. Be careful not to lose too much, or the nut may fall off. After that, pull the nut off the post.
  • Turn the wiper arm counterclockwise to loosen it.
  • Remove the wiper arm and eliminate it with your new wiper when that does.

Single Arm Wiper

Taking off single-arm windshield wipers can be difficult and time-consuming if you don’t do it correctly. You can use your hand or get a wrench to help you get it off. Sometimes they can break in the process, but you can remove them without any issues if you are careful. 

Wiping your windshield can be difficult without your windshield wipers. There are many reasons you would want to remove them, for example, if the car uses a lot of battery power or you don’t have them.

Double Arm Wipers

If you need to remove your double arm wipers, you’ll have to check your owner’s manual. Foremost, study if it is feasible to vacate the wipers from the auto. Next, check the area around the wiper arms to ensure nothing will obstruct the wiper blade once it is released. 

After you finish these steps, you can remove the wiper arm using the wiper arm removal tool. Make confident you pull the component up and force it inwards. After doing this, you can remove the specific washer and push the blade out of the way. You can now use the other washer to make the blade back into place.

How To Remove Windshield Stuck Wipers Arm?

How To Remove Windshield Stuck Wipers Arm

The wiper’s arm may get stuck in the windshield because the pivot hole in the arm eroded, and the cape got stuck in a jam. The preferable tool is a flat-head screwdriver. Open the engine hood and push the stuck arm up to retract. However, first, check whether the wiper arm froze to the windshield. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Remove Rear Wiper Arms?

Removing the rear wiper arm is done by loosening the nut, which can find on the top of the lever that allows you to control the arm. The nut needs to reduce until it is loose enough for you to remove it from its position, and then after this do, you can remove the wiper arm.

How to Remove Wiper Arm without Puller?

First, remove the cowl and locate the wiper arm shaft found at the top of the windshield. Then, please take off the two nuts which hold it in place. Next, heat both nuts with a torch until they are too hot to touch.

How to Remove Windshield Wiper Blades?

The wiper blades remove if the car has a recessed lip to rest the edge. If this is not present, the blade can push out from under the rubber boot by gently lifting it. The wiper blade should replace every six months because they made of latex that dries out and ceases to function if left too long.

What Is A Wiper Arm Repair Kit?

A wiper arm repair kit uses when the mounting thread or other parts fail. The kit includes a new wiper arm, mounting screw, and windshield washer hose. These kits can find at any local auto parts store for under $10. Some kits come with instructions for installation, while others do not require any tools.


The wiper’s arm is a vital part of the wiper system. It merges the wiper to the wiper engine found in the car’s motor container. It is also where the wiper blades rest when they are not in use. You would need to remove the windshield wiper’s arm, including changing the blades, repairing the arm, or replacing it entirely.