How to Reset Miles on the Car | 3 Step Guide By Our Expert

How to Reset Miles on the Car

Do you know how to reset miles on the car? Opting for a secondhand car is cost-effective, but this option has a significant chance of being ragged off if you are not cautious and attentive. One of the most common issues is the odometer fraud that most sellers do while selling these cars.

A digital odometer is an instrument that you can use to measure the distance of your vehicle while traveling. The odometer indicates the measurement in the form of mileage.

How to Reset Miles on the Car

How to Reset Miles on the Car

Most of the old car sellers rest the car’s odometer so that the car appears newer and thus demands more money from the purchaser. There are two primary and common reasons that you may want to reset the mileage through the odometer in your car.

There are two possibilities here: either manual mileage resets or automatically happens in unusual cases, or you want to commit fraud.

So if you want to identify how to reset the mileage on the car, follow the below-given steps.

Step 1: Install a new instrument cluster

Most Japanese automakers display the vehicle mileage on the instrument cluster rather than on the car computer. The car’s odometer will indicate nill mileage when you substitute the mechanism for a cluster with the brand new one.

So if you want to reset the miles on the car, you should replace the instrument cluster with the old one of another car, then the instrument cluster will show the miles of the original car.

Since replacing the instrument cluster is illegal, it is legal to reset the odometer. It means that replacing the odometer without filing the paperwork and documents is illegal, as some laws and rules prevailing in the United States of America prohibit resetting the odometer.

Therefore, the legal way to reset the car mileage is to replace the instrument cluster but not resetting the odometer is to show the original mileage from the previous cluster before replacing it.

Step 2: Manipulating the knob

This is the most modest and easy way to reset the miles on the car odometer. Find the knob on the instrument cluster, as this knob has several functions to perform, like showing the remaining fuel percentage and the temperature fluctuations and calculations.

Interestingly it is essential to mention that this knob can do the task well if you can reset the miles on the car. With the use of this knob, you can reset the miles on the car odometer by pressing and fielding down the knob for a few seconds, and when the fuel economy comes up, the odometer of the car will reset to zero.

Step 3: Reassemble the odometer

If you are a mechanic and gear head about the car components, resetting the car mileage through the setting odometer is easy, especially on old vehicles.

You have to take the familiar mechanic tool like a screwdriver or pliers, take out the instrument cluster, and reset the value of the miles by hand before reassembling it in the car.

The car and vehicle manufacturers undoubtedly have adequate knowledge about these tricks, so they plan to add a tamper-proof seal. In other words, if you have the tamper-proof seal, resetting the car’s odometer without being caught won’t be easy.

Therefore, if you plan to manipulate the odometer readings and reset the mileages, you should make sure to match the readings with the life span of your vehicle.

Most cars come with an average life expectancy of car tires is 25 miles. Therefore, it is easy to detect the odometer rigging by looking at the vehicle’s tires. Old tires will cause the mileage to read 15k.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know that you have a tempered odometer in your car?

Suppose anyone tries to temper your car’s odometer. In that case, its objective is to increase the vehicle’s sale value on new cars like Ferrari, which comes with the sets of odometer reset software. So if you want to check the tempering in the odometer, you can check the odometer physically. Carefully check the odometer.

All the numbers should be readable, well-aligned, and crooked. Next, you should check the car’s tires in terms of life span. Place the penny into the tread tire facing the Lincoln head down. If the tire tread covers the Lincoln head, it will still ok, and it will be 2/32 an inch.

How do I fix the car mileage on the odometer?

Nowadays, vehicles come with speed sensors that can read the miles of the car to check the coverage of distance. A speed sensor is an electronic device located on the car’s transmission.

So if your speedometer is not functioning well, slide under the car and replace the sensor. Suppose you are using the old vehicle with an analog instrument cluster. In this case, you can replace the instrument cluster, check the gears that cover the miles, and change them if needed.

How does the odometer calculate distance?

These days most odometers work by recording the wheel rotation. Multiply the number of wheel spins by the tire circumference to get the distance covered by the vehicle. You will get the tires’ circumference by multiplying the tire diameter by Pi.

Where can I find the odometer reading?

To read an odometer, look for a small rectangle that usually contains five to six numbers, and it is near the speedometer. The odometer can be digital if you have a new vehicle, but it will be a physical or mechanical set of numbers in older models and less luxurious.


Now when you know the resetting of mileage on your vehicle and how to reset the odometer, it will be easy to detect the odometer fraud that most of the sellers of the cars do for increasing the vehicle’s resale value.

The important thing is that your car’s odometer should be in working order if you want to reset the mileage. Therefore, it is essential to go through the above steps to reset the miles on the car and follow the process carefully to prevent fraud.