How to Reset Mass Airflow Sensor | 7 Methods Explained

How to Reset Mass Airflow Sensor

The Mass Air Flow Sensor is a fundamental part of the engine management system. If your Mass Air Flow Sensor is faulty, the engine management system will run in an open loop. The sensors starve information, and the engine will run without optimizing its performance. It can fail, so you need to reset it when that happens. Here is how to reset it and make it operational once again. We will teach you how to reset mass airflow sensor.

What Is The Mass Air Flow Sensor Reset Procedure?

How to Reset Mass Airflow Sensor

Resetting the Mass Air Flow Sensor is a pretty simple procedure; however, you need information on your car. Because it is best to have a mechanic do it for you; however, if it’s something you would like to do yourself, here’s what you’ll need to do: 

  • Open your engine compartment 
  • Locate your Mass Air Flow Sensor 
  • Check all the wires connected to the Mass Airflow sensor. You will see an air intake attached to the small black box.
  • Disconnect the small black box from the air intake. Now, the Mass Air Flow Sensor should reset.

Different Methods to Reset MAF Sensor

Method 1: Paperclip

If you want to reset the Mass Air Flow Sensor yourself, you’ll need to insert a paperclip into the reset port. You’ll need to find the port. It would help if you looked inside the engine first and then under the hood. Next, insert the paperclip and turn it to the right to reset the Mass Air Flow Sensor.

Then, start the car and observe which way it’s moving. If it doesn’t, you may have to take it to a mechanic, but if it does, it means you successfully reset the Mass Air Flow Sensor. You should always reset the Mass Air Flow Sensor if it’s acting up.

Method 2: Disconnect the Battery 

Disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it can reset the Mass Air Flow Sensor. I would highly recommend having a certified technician come to your location to check this out, and I would also recommend that you get a second to third opinion. I hope this helps!

Method 3: Compressed Air

First, use the compressed air to clean off the sensor to ensure any dirt or contaminants. After that, turn the ignition key. Next, connect the compressed air can to a clean air hose, then press and hold the can nozzle to the air intake duct straight below the sensor until the engine cranks. After this:

  • Turn the ignition key to LOCK.
  • Turn the key back to ON.
  • While the engine is still running, release the compressed air button.

After doing this, the engine must be allowed to run for at least ten minutes to complete the reset procedure.

Method 4: Use A Long Screwdriver:

MAF sensors locate in an easily accessible place, but some sensors are more challenging to reach than others. If you’re having trouble getting the MAF sensor with your hand, use a long screwdriver to push the reset button.

Once the button does go, you should remove the screwdriver and reset the sensor. If your detector is not functioning perfectly, you should believe in having a professional look at it.

Method 5Using a Shop Vacuum

You need to use a shop vacuum with no bristle type of brush. The reason you need the vacuum is that it has a pressure regulator. You cannot use a standard vacuum cleaner or risk damaging your engine. Once you have the vacuum hooked up, turn on your car and start the vacuum.

Make sure the vacuum regulator is on full pressure. While the motor is operating, your MAF detector should reset. If it does not, you may require resetting it for several periods.

Method 6Disconnect Fuel Injectors:

The MAF is an essential element in the vehicle’s ECM. If you disconnect fuel injectors to reset the MAF sensor, it will clear any debris that may have collected around the sensor, which can otherwise present problems for your car.

To do this, locate the gas tank on your vehicle and look for the fuel injectors. Disconnect them one at a time by turning them off and then again. This process will take about 10 minutes.

Method 7By Idling the Engine

When the engine light is on, you will check your MAF sensor. If it requires resetting, you can observe these actions. First, start your car, turn the A/C on, and wait for the vehicle to idle at around 1200 RPMs.

Then, shift the car to drive. After doing that, turn the car off, wait five minutes and drive off! It’s best to do this on a flat surface, but it should work on a hill if you make sure your RPMs stay relatively flat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take For The Mass Airflow Sensor To Reset?

It is the device that monitors the amount of air coming into your engine to provide an accurate reading on how much fuel is needed. The MAF sensor is only reset after 10 seconds have passed, so there isn’t any more interference from the coolant.

How Can I Know If My Mass Airflow Sensor Works?

Since the mass airflow sensor measures the volume of air flowing into the engine, if it is not working correctly, one could assume that there is a misread on how much air is entering. If this problem persists, the engine will run inefficiently and overheat.

What Codes Can A Bad MAF Sensor Cause?

A bad MAF sensor can cause a P0230 code, a Mass Air Flow Sensor Signal Malfunction. It can also cause a P0235 code, a Mass Air Press. Sensor Circuit Open or Short. There are other codes that this could cause, but these are the most common ones.

Why Do MAF Sensors Fail?

Many MAF sensors fail because of dirt and dust buildup. It means that air cannot pass through the sensor, making it less efficient. The heat from the engine is also a factor, and if it is too hot, the sensor can stop working.


Our article about resetting the mass airflow sensor can provide important information. This sensor is the primary sensor in your car. If it fails, you can expect to see the Check Engine Light, reduced fuel efficiency, poor driving experience, and other problems. This post has helped you learn everything you need to know about your mass airflow sensor and how to reset it.