How to Shift a 10 Speed without Grinding Gears | Follow 9 Steps

How to Shift a 10 Speed without Grinding Gears

As a 10-speed manual transmission driver, you’ve probably had a lot of trouble shifting. Your truck will give you excellent performance efficiency once you get used to it. But first, you’ll most likely be grinding gears here and there. Let’s learn how to shift a 10 speed without grinding gears.

How to Shift a 10 Speed without Grinding Gears

How to Shift a 10 Speed without Grinding Gears

The grinding of gears is often the result of the gearbox turning too quickly. It’s a truck’s way of alerting drivers to a failed service.

Understand the transmission

Although shifting is more complicated, the gear lever on a 10-speed truck transmission has similarities to a typical car with a manual transmission. The 10-speed gearbox, therefore, goes from 5-speed to another 5-speed gearbox.

In addition, the shift lever of a 10-speed transmission has a range selector switch, commonly called a “distributor,” which selects low gears (down) and high gears (up).

Low gears include 1-5 and low reverse (lo-R) gears, while high-speed gears include 6-10 and high reverse (hi-R) gears.

Do not over-tighten.

Holding the gear lever too hard can prevent you from finding a soft wall, making it harder for you to shift gears or grind the gears. Try to be calm and level when holding the gear lever, as nervousness or anxiety on the road may cause you to hold the gear lever too hard.

Always a double-clutch

It is best to depress the clutch twice before each shift to make shifting smoother. With semi-trailers, the drivers will have to press and move the selector lever at the same time.

Adjustment requires excellent coordination and practice, and you can always practice once you’re sitting in a chair. As you slide the shift lever forward, make sure you depress the clutch twice with your left foot.

You must change to neutral with the first clutch and into the required gear with the second clutch. The driver must perform both activities simultaneously. This movement is necessary with every upshift (gears 6-10).

Avoid fully depressing the clutch pedal when the truck is in motion.

Whenever the vehicle is left, the pinion wheels could crush; however, the pinion wheels are as yet turning. Completely push down the grip pedal to keep these cogwheels from squeaking. This action activates the clutch brake, stops the vehicle, stops the gears, and allows you to shift into reverse (if necessary).

When shifting from 6 to 7, use the side grip method.

Grab the gear lever from the side for more control over shifting. By laying your thumb on the gearshift head and your forefinger on the merchant, you may rapidly move from 6 to 7.

To do this, depress the double clutch and place the shift lever in neutral with the distributor at the top. When you do this, the gear lever will automatically slide towards the soft wall, allowing you to shift into the 7th gear rapidly.

Shifting from 5 to 6 on a 10-speed truck with a gearbox

Shifting from 5 to 6 to 10-speed can be difficult for beginners without grinding gears. But that should help. When shifting from 5th to 6th gear, you must engage the dual-clutch as usual. However, you can complete most sorts on the first connector before rejoining.


The process of shifting from a lower to a higher gear is known as upshifting. Upshifting is less frustrating if you shift early (between 1000-1500 rpm). Now assuming you are in 6th gear at 1500rpm and want to shift into seventh gear when you depress the clutch and shift into neutral with the distributor on top, the speed pointer will start to drop from 1500 to 1000 because you are not equipped.

The truck will not shift to speed if it drops below 1000 before shifting to speed 7. Therefore, you need to do this quickly to beat the hand before it drops below 1000 RPM.


It’s much more complicated than switching. When you wish to move to a lower gear, this happens. To downshift, you must first put the clutch in neutral, run the engine and then put the clutch in the desired gear.

Specifically, depress the clutch once, move the selector lever to neutral, depress the accelerator pedal once to neutral, reengage the clutch and move the selector lever to the desired gear.

Easy speedometer math

While driving, you can add numbers on the speedometer to mark the optimal gear the driver should use at that speed.

Slow down to 1000-1100 rpm and resist forcing the clutch pedal to the ground to prevent squeezing the gears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is fast-shifting bad?

Moving excessively fast while your vehicle is still moving can harm the transmission as a turning grasp system can bomb rashly, assuming it wears out because of harsh moving. Continuously stop before changing into another gear.

What is the upside of a 10-speed transmission?

The limited range between higher gears increases durability when driving on the highway, especially in the last gear. The 10-speed transmission provides a 20% reduction in speed during gear changes. When towing, the shorter gear distance provides smoother shifting.

How to shift without looking?

Discharge the gas pedal and push down the grip pedal simultaneously. Remove your left hand from the handlebars, wrap it around the head of the gear lever and move the lever gently but positively from one position to another.

What are a double-clutch and a grandma’s shift?

Grandma’s gear shifts at very slow speeds; she drives slowly as if a stereotypical grandmother did. A double clutch is a technique used to adjust the speed when downshifting. This is useful for older cars with not very good synchronizations.

Why do manual transmission cars jerk when shifting?

Shifting requires the driver to constantly shift from one gear to another to increase or decrease speed. Due to inexperience or ignorance about the vehicle and its details, such as engine speed, drivers often cause jerks when shifting gears.


The grinding of gears is often the result of poor shifting. Thanks to the detailed knowledge offered in this article, you should be able to shift smoothly without crushing the gears. Hope you have learned how to shift a 10 speed without grinding gears.