How to Start a Car without a Key or Hot Wiring | 4 Methods Explained

How to Start a Car without a Key or Hot Wiring

Imagine waking up in the morning, and your car won’t start. What would you do? You can’t just call a recovery vehicle and wait while they come to your car. Your whole day may ruin. Because it is one of the most ordinary problems that many people have is that they lock their keys inside of their car. It can be a feeling of panic, especially if someone notices this just as they walk away from the vehicle, but what if you can start your car without a key. I’ll show you two different methods on how to start a car without a key or hot wiring. So, let’s begin!

Tools You Require To Start a Car Without a Key or Hot Wiring

How to Start a Car without a Key or Hot Wiring

Car owners are always looking for dead batteries, flat tires, and locked doors. If sometimes, he requires starting a car without a key. 

But did you know that you should keep a car emergency kit on hand? 

The materials for this kit include: 

  • Jumper cables
  • A tire pressure gauge
  • A spare tire, flares 
  • Reflectors and even a blanket

Without these car emergency items close to hand, you might be in trouble if your vehicle has a mechanical failure. If you don’t have these items readily on your car, make sure they get added to your list of essentials.

How to Start a Car without a Key or Hot Wiring

How to Start a Car without a Key or Hot Wiring

Methods to Start a Car without a Key or Hot Wiring:

There’s no key needed to get your engine going in most vehicles today. The below methods will get you going in no time. Even you have no keys or hot wire.

  • Flathead Screwdriver and Hammer
  • Red Coil Wire
  • Kickoff the car directly
  • Automotive controlled locks

Flathead Screwdriver and Hammer

Suppose you need to get your car started. The technical term for creating your vehicle using a flathead screwdriver is “the screwdriver method” because it requires the least amount of contact with your car’s wiring, making it ideal to operate on many vehicles. If the location of wires on any given vehicle is unknown, this technique should never do any damage. 

In addition to being safe, it’s also reliable: A simple flathead screwdriver will always start a car, provided that there isn’t anything wrong with this kind of engine in the first place.

If a screwdriver is not available, then you can use a hammer. Insert your screwdriver into the keyhole and begin pounding firmly on the area surrounding it. It should break the locking pins in your ignition switch and remove the keys from your car’s ignition.

Red Coil Wire

The red coil method can help your car start in an emergency for people who don’t know much about cars. You will need a mechanic jumpsuit and a pair of goggles for protection to do this.

It is helpful to those who have the skill of a professional mechanic on hand. For example, if you could start a car without a key by using only your hands, a pair of scissors, and your wits, you’re probably in a position to try out this trick for yourself.

Moreover, the red coil wire technique is a great way to ensure your car always turns over. As soon as you attach a negative battery terminal to the end of the red wire, then the solenoid will be activated. Now that the solenoid activates, you’re ready for the car to crank.

Start The Car Directly

It’s become more common nowadays for newer cars to come with keyless ignitions in push-button ignition, fob remotes, or onboard computers. The designers behind these systems made sure to account for situations when the typical starting means would fail. They often use a backup key fob or some manual override within reach of the driver’s seat.

It is vital to ensure that your car gets started even if there are no keys or hot wire. For example, if you were going somewhere far away and found yourself stuck in an area where no one could reach you, you can still start your car directly even though you have lost your keys or battery life. 

Automotive Controlled Locks

An automotive controlled locking system sends radio waves to the vital controller module, which sends out signals that lock or unlock the door on your car, controlling everything from auto security to power windows.

In turn, the critical controller module can access the trunk lid, the remote start of a car, and power windows. If a thief attempts to steal electronic equipment from the trunk with his keys or duplicate key, the same controller will lock and kill the ignition so he can’t get away with anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Car Without A Key?

One of the most excellent cars without a key is Tesla Model S. It’s costly and pretty hard to find, but it is a great car to drive without needing a key. It has a force range of 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 6 seconds, and it has a range of 244 miles per charge. It has an autopilot feature that can drive the car on highways, change lanes with driver input, and park in tight spaces.

Which Steps For Starting A Car Without A Key?

  • Start by turning the car on.
  • Push the brake pedal and put the gear in neutral.
  • Now, you need to turn off all lights and accessories, then switch off the engine.
  • Release the parking brake and push down on the gas pedal to engage it.

Where Do I Start A Car Without A Key?

The best way to start a car without the key is to use the starter—the starter locates on the engine block under the hood. Two cables attach to it, one of which should have a handle on it. Pull this handle, hold it in place, and crank or turn the other cable until the engine starts.

Do I Need To Use A Battery To Start A Car Without A Key?

The only time a battery would require to start a car without a key is if the vehicle has an immobilizer. An immobilizer prevents the vehicle from starting unless the correct key applies. But cars manufactured in the last decade often come with a push-button starter.

If you don’t have a key and your vehicle has a push-button starter, then you may be able to use the keyless entry remote for your car to start your vehicle. Otherwise, if it is an older car, you will need to find someone who has the same make and version as yours and borrow their key.

How Can You Know If Your Car Has A Keyless Entry System?

The easiest way to tell if your car has a keyless entry system is to look for the keyless entry button on the driver’s side of the dashboard. You do not have a keyless entry system if there is no button.

Final Thought

There are multiple forms to initiate a car without a key or burning wiring. A vehicle can start without a key by turning it on with a big screwdriver. At the same time, it may be hard to carry around tools in your pocket, other ways to get the job done. If you have to start your car without a key or wire, try using what you have in your trunk.