How to Stop Spark Plug Wires from Arcing | 5 Different Ways to Do

How to Stop Spark Plug Wires from Arcing

Spark plug wires are a necessary evil when maintaining your car. They are long, thin, and sometimes challenging. They also fill with electric charge, sometimes acting as a lightning rod if the wires get too close. This electric charge can make the wires spark, sometimes so severely that it can set fire to the wires. In this blog, we’ll look at three ways on how to stop spark plug wires from arcing.

How to Stop Spark Plug Wires from Arcing

How to Stop Spark Plug Wires from Arcing

This step-by-step direction will lead you to prevent spark stopper wires from arcing. However, your headache related to expensive repairs can remove.

  • Scope out and identify the location of the spark plug wires.
  • Take off the battery and the engine compartment.
  • Look at the spark plug wires and find the ones arcing.
  • Buy a new set of spark plug wires, but only if the cables have been arcing.
  • Find the wires that have been arcing, take them off, and put the new set on.

Different Ways to Stop Spark Plug Wires from Arcing

How to Stop Spark Plug Wires from Arcing

Way 1 

First, you’ll need to buy materials. You can find spark plug wires at many hardware stores. Next, you’ll need double-sided tape, sandpaper, and a drill. Start by stripping off the old cables and carefully wrapping the sandpaper around the wires. 

Next, stick the double-sided tape on in the places that caused most of the arcing. The surface area between the spark plug and the wire that reaches the plug must be smooth. It will help you cut down on the arcing, sometimes causing fires.

Way 2 

It’s essential to have the right tools for this procedure and ensure the engine is completely cool before touching any wires. Hold the spark stopper wire boot firmly and glide it off the spark plug. Hold the spark plug with one indicator and unscrew it from the motor. Using an old spark plug, probe the hole left behind by the spark plug and clean it out. 

Make sure to inspect the spark plug wire for any signs of damage. If the spark plug wire did find to have damaged insulation, remove the old wire and replace it with a new one. When the insulation does not hurt, it’s okay to reuse it.

Way 3 

Spark plug wires are prone to arcing because they are weak in the ignition system. The ignition system has to distribute power from the battery to the spark plug wires and from the spark plug wires to the spark plugs.

These wires have to withstand a lot of pressure, and they can wear down over time. When spark plug wires wear out, they can cause the ignition system to fail and even cause fires. 

To avoid arcing in spark plug wires, inspect them regularly. If your spark plugs keep forgetting, you should check the wires and the spark plugs and make sure you have a good connection. If you notice any wear, replace the cables immediately.

Way 4 

If you’re having trouble with your spark plug wires arcing, try changing your coil bracket’s angles and clip. First, remove the spark plugs and coil. Examine the spark plug wire and see how the clip holds it in place. If the pin has it at an angle, try to change the tip of the coil bracket.  

It put the hook in a different spot on the wire. It should help stop any arcing that is occurring. For the clip, you can try using a more substantial pin. Contact a mechanic after testing those and are still having problems with the spark plug wires arcing!

Way 5

Stop spark plug wires from arcing using grease to improve the efficiency of your engine and avoid engine failure. Often, cars will have a knock in their engine, even when they are still functioning at their best. The machine is knocking due to a build-up of carbon. 

Spark plug wires will arc when there is a crack in them. It is where the grease comes in. Use some silicone grease to cover the cables, preventing carbon from spreading and keeping the wires from arcing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Know If My Spark Plug Wires Are Arcing?

You might not know if your spark plug wires are arcing by simply looking at them, as this is a difficult question to answer. You can check for this issue by checking the plugs with a resistance meter. The resistance should be between 1 and 10 ohms, with 2-4 being an ideal limit. It means that there is no faulty connection, and you can continue to use the spark plug wire.

How Can You Stop A Spark Plug From Seizing?

It isn’t easy to answer because the spark plug will not seize if regularly removed and replaced. The phenomenon of seizing can result in permanent damage to the vehicle’s engine. Under everyday use, most engines require their plugs to replace every 60,000 miles. This interval should examine individual models of cars.

How Does It Bad For Spark Plug Wires To Touch?

It is terrible because the spark plug wires could get worn out and verge breaking. That would be very problematic since it would affect how well the engine runs and might damage other engine parts.

What Causes Arcing Spark Plug Wires?

A spark plug wire is a conductor for an electric current to pass from the distributor, power plant, or battery to the combustion chamber of a car. Sometimes a spark plug wire can heat up and begin to arc. It is the cause of this obstruction in the engine’s air intake system causes it to suck in too much air and too little fuel, putting more of a load on the spark plugs.


At last, when you want to do everything like other people, it primarily works when you have children and ensure they are safe. Arcing spark plug wires can be a significant safety hazard because if you are driving down the road and your spark plugs arc, they can cause a fire. This post explains how to stop spark plug wires from arcing. This information is essential to keep your car running well and safe driving time.