How to Start a Chevy Truck with a Screwdriver | Step by Step Guide

How to Start a Chevy Truck with a Screwdriver

Truck beginners sometimes cling to you. When you turn the ignition key to start the engine, you may hear a click and notice that the starter does not crank; on the other hand, when the ignition key is turned to the first position, the warning lights in the instrument panel come on. In this case, you can start the Chevy by inserting a screwdriver into the solenoid. Let’s find out how to start a chevy truck with a screwdriver.

How to Start a Chevy Truck with a Screwdriver

How to Start a Chevy Truck with a Screwdriver

Both automatic and manual gearboxes are available in Chevy pickups. The basic method of starting a truck with a screwdriver is the same for vehicles with automatic and manual transmissions. Shift the gears to the “Park” position for an automatic gearbox.

Many trucks have digital gauges that show the gear they are in.

  • First, double-check that the gear is not locked and is in the proper position. On the other hand, if your car has a manual gearbox put the gear in “Neutral” and applies the hand brakes.
  • You can place a brick or a large stone behind the wheels to prevent your truck from sliding.
  • Move it to a suitable and safe place in case it stops working on the road. Keep it away from local traffic to avoid unwanted damage to your vehicle.
  • By turning the screwdriver at the point of ignition
  • Remove the screwdriver from the toolbox and place it in the ignition’s center. Pay particular attention to the ignition position.
  • In no case, press the ignition point; otherwise, it could break. So instead, just insert half a screwdriver. When it is in the on position, turn it clockwise once. You’ll produce a sloppy mess and perhaps damage the strands. Only the digital indicator lights show when you enter the screwdriver, but the engine does not start.

Take precautions

It is necessary to wear insulated rubber gloves. You have often faced battery problems that require these gloves. They will protect you from any electric shock and keep you safe.

Do not touch jump leads with bare hands as this could cause injury. Your gloves guarantee your protection. On the other hand, glasses are just as important as gloves. Glasses can help keep small particles out of your eyes. You can also wear masks for safety if you are allergic to dust. You should buy a safety kit that has all the elements.

Find an initiator

Remove the screwdriver keeping the ignition center in the ON position. Now you need to find a launcher. The solenoid is battery-powered.

It then transfers that energy to the starter. The engine’s primary job is to start and run the vehicle.

You must locate a starting motor in your vehicle. It is present under the passenger side of the engine and close to the battery. It is round in shape. You can lift the hood and find it or sit next to the passenger seat tire and find it.

Remove the engine harness cover.

Use a wire stripper and remove the plastic cap from both motor cables on your pickup. Both threads are of good quality. You can use some force to remove the cable covers.

Use the screwdriver to start the Chevy truck.

However, it is very cheap and doesn’t cost much. Place the screwdriver’s tip on the bigger thread’s screwed rods. Hold it in this position, and now press it against the threaded stem of the smaller thread.

A small spark will appear. Keep it there for just a few seconds. The engine starts shortly after a spark. You can’t put it there for too long as the tip will get stuck in the engine, and it will be difficult to remove and start your Chevy truck.

It would be better if you tried at least two or three times. Your truck is likely to start after one or two attempts.

The battery may be flat if the engine does not start after a spark. You should inspect or replace the battery. Call your mechanic if the problem persists after replacing the battery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a Chevy truck with a steering wheel?

Put the tip of the chocolate on the threads of the big city. Slide the metal end of the screwdriver into the other threaded hole while holding the screwdriver in this position. You get a spark when the engine starts running. Hold the screwdriver until the machine starts.

Can you start the car with a spinner?

Don’t try that unless you have a really old automobile (from the 1990s). Even on these older cars, converting the engine to a regular one seems impossible.

Can you start the car and turn on the lights?

The switch next to the lock must be turned on to start the car with an immobilizer. The phone does not work well on new cars.

How do you put chocolate on the fire?

Check and loosen the screw that secures the plastic bag. When you’re done, remove the plastic bag and put it on the motor switch. Open the flywheel by removing the retainer on the top. Put the chocolate in the main hole and turn right.

Is there another way to open a Chevy truck without doing it?

Now you would think twice before driving on a slippery road. But to learn how to drive a keyless Chevy truck, you can take the truck and store it in a hidden place outside your car. Always sit or fall invisibly while driving.

How do you start a car without a clear key?

Without the SIM key, it is impossible to start the automobile. Start using your phone or call the roadside assistance service provided by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Other options are towing the car at home or a nearby shop, depending on the construction of the new key.


Do not start the truck regularly with a screwdriver, or do you risk burning the lugs on the solenoid? Check the starter bolts before attempting to start the truck with a screwdriver.