How to Start a Truck Dispatching Business | Follow These Simple 5 Steps

How to Start a Truck Dispatching Business

If you want to learn how to become a truck driver, research the market and the legal criteria? Then you may choose between running a home business, renting an office, or joining a transportation company. This article will teach you all you need to know about truck dispatching services so you may start your own dispatching company. Let’s break down how to start a truck dispatching business.

Overview of a Truck Dispatcher

How to Start a Truck Dispatching Business

A truck Dispatcher’s responsibility is to collect and deliver the various loads between suppliers, drivers and customers. Many truck dispatchers can work from home, and the job requires excellent communication and organizational skills.

In addition, working as a truck Dispatcher offers many opportunities for advancement in the company. In this article, we’ll look at what a truck dispatcher does, how much money they make on average, how to get a job as a truck dispatcher, and what the work environment is like.

What exactly does a truck dispatcher do?

How to Start a Truck Dispatching Business

Truck Dispatchers or Freight Forwarders take care of the shipment between customers, drivers and suppliers for transport and freight forwarding companies. It often works with corporate drivers, but many also work with other trucking companies to identify available freight drivers. Truck dispatchers are responsible for a variety of activities to keep operations going. 

How to Start a Truck Dispatching Business

How to Start a Truck Dispatching Business

It is true that without dispatchers, professional drivers do not know their exact destination. Dispatchers provide drivers with the information they need when picking up and delivering cargo. Independent dispatchers are typically tasked with tracking shipments and signing contracts with brokers.

Payment depends on the agreement with the customer or the driver. Some dispatchers receive a percentage of the revenue from the load, while others receive a certain amount per load.

Gain experience with dispatchers

If you want to become self-employed someday, you need experience as a dispatcher in a shipping company. This will give you the skills and know-how you need to run your future business success. As several state and federal regulations govern automotive carriers, dispatchers must also be aware of the laws and policies their drivers must follow.

Demand a business recognizable proof number from the IRS

Requesting an employer identification number from the Internal Revenue Service is also important, as it provides the necessary documentation to open commercial bank accounts. It will likewise permit you to isolate your business and individual budgets.

On the other hand, registration with the DOT or the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration is no longer required. However, you must be aware of the carrier’s regulations, which are listed on the FMCSA website.

Membership of the Loan Committee

You also need to subscribe to a variety of upload cards. They give you access to the goods and allow you to use the message boards on them to contact small trucking companies and owner-operators to offer your company’s services. Trucking magazines have rental ads that you can use to search for services.

Draft contract

You must also draw up a customer agreement detailing your rates and services. 

Typically, a car transporter will not choose to sign a long-term contract with dispatchers as it is a bit hard, but your trucking contract can be load-by-load. This means that neither party can be held responsible for maintaining the business relationship beyond the specific cargo that the driver is currently delivering. If you wish to do business with each other again, you can do it without another contract.

Advertise your shipping services

The next step is to promote your services. Considering that you are a self-regulating shipper, you must have multiple loads and car transporters. A flyer can help you promote your business well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a truck agent or (truck shipper)?

A truck agent or truck dispatcher is hired by a trucking company (haulier) to find cargo for their trucks and send them from point A to point B. Truck agents are not agents’ freight or freight agents. Transport agents are the link between a freight forwarder and a shipping company, and the transport agent works directly under the authority of a transport agent.

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What is the capital needed to start a Dispatcher business?

Starting a trucking company can cost anywhere from $ 6,000 to $ 15,000 (not including equipment). Additionally, on average, registration and incorporation documents cost between $ 900 and $ 1,500.

Does a Dispatcher need an MC number?

You work illegally as a “freight Dispatcher” if you do not have a freight broker or intermediary. Furthermore, it would only apply to the “shipment” of unregulated goods. If you want to use better online services, you need an MC number. A car transporter owner-operator is an individual or company rented to the car transporter.

How much does a freight Dispatcher earn for the freight business?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, trucking Dispatchers in the United States earn between $ 10,050 and $ 236,852 annually, with an average salary of $ 42,806. Over 86% of trucking Dispatcher earn over $ 236,852, with 57% earning between $ 42,806 and $ 107,015 annually.

Is it worth being a truck Dispatcher?

It requires a keen eye for detail and an organized mind to succeed in the freight Dispatcher role as it is one of many jobs in the freight industry. You may want to consider this career if you have these qualities.

How much do Dispatch companies earn?

The salaries of trucking Dispatchers in the United States range from $ 10,050 to $ 236,852, with an average salary of $ 42,806. Over 86% of trucking shippers earn over $ 236,852, with 57% earning between $ 42,806 and $ 107,015 annually.

How are independent freight Dispatchers paid?

Freight dispatchers earn a percentage or flat rate for each load they set for their drivers, depending on their location. The normal compensation of a transporter is additionally higher. A company pays the driver and/or the dispatch center to set up the cargo but not transport it. 


The ability to analyze and solve potential problems in the trucking and Dispatch industry is an important trait for the job. Tracking goods in transit, bypassing the schedules of multiple drivers and finding solutions to transportation problems (e.g., alternative routes due to accidents) are just some of the activities where you’re analytical and problem-solving skills will be useful to you on the job.