How to Tell If Your Car is Bugged | Things to look if a Car is Bugged

How to Tell If Your Car is Bugged

When it comes to tracking devices, there is a lot to discuss. When you feel a bit paranoid, and you might think that someone is listening or watching in. when you feel something unreasonable in your car, it seems that your vehicle has some recording or tracking device in it. So in this post, you will find how to tell if your car is bugged with recording devices or GPS trackers.

How to Tell If Your Car is Bugged

How to Tell If Your Car is Bugged

Since 1940, hidden cameras and tracking devices have been used in homes and cars. Surveillance cameras are growing in trend because these devices are durable, practical tiny, and effective these days. The nosy people are using these devices and technology to poke around the businesses and things of other people. But we also know to search for these bugs and stop eavesdropping. 


Bugs are tracking devices that can be installed in rooms and cars. The bugs are small and use a simple microphone that listens to transmit and record conversations. Some types of bugs can transfer their signals to the sources outside because they need small stations to pick up the transmission from your vehicle through spying equipment. 

Therefore, if you notice strange vehicles having dark and tinted glass windows, it seems that video cameras are in them. 

GPS tracking devices

There is another type of tracking device that can be used in cars. The GPS tracking devices can track the vehicle’s location and track the real; time depending on the model of the car.

Many individuals know about the vehicle tracker processes and technology using different applications like fleet management, personal recovery, theft recovery, personal safety, and many more.

Some people are very much aware of satellite and cellular technologies. Still, on the other hand, others have very limited awareness about the tracking device and its works too. 

A GPS tracking device is a GPS receiver that can catch low-level radio signals transmitted from the net of satellites orbiting around the earth. The GPS device or receiver can drive the speed altitude; time departed, time on the route, and the various other geolocation data and information from the satellite signals. 

What to look for if the Car is Bugged?

Technical surveillance countermeasures

Stalking is a very serious issue, as there are some simple procedures that people can know about if there is bugged with the hidden cameras and GPS tracker.

It is essential to understand that all GPS trackers do not work similarly because some GPS vehicles can be usable with portable devices and others are hardwired. In the same way, some tacking devices come with real-time access to driver activity, and others offer data loggers. 

So if the person finds that the GPS device is hardwired to the automobile, then on the very initial stage, they should monitor the OBD II port, a famous and well-known location for the tracking devices should be installed in the car.

If there is nothing connected to the diagnostic port, the person who professionally hides the tracker did the installation. It means that the GPS tracker can be inside the dashboard. Or under the steering or anywhere else in the car that cannot be visible with the naked eye. 

Therefore, anyone who believes that the car is bugged should hire a professional auto mechanic or expert installer who can look into the locations inside the car; however, some stalkers who invest in the hidden GPS tracker purchase GPS data loggers and go for the hardwired GPS devices. 

So stalkers can bug a car in many ways and popular locations in the car like:
  • Under the car
  • Inside the side pocket of the door
  • Under the seat or hidden under papers in the glove box

So investing in electronic bug detectors is a great way to check for GPS trackers, especially cars. When it comes to eavesdropping devices, GPS tracking devices are not only the surveillance device that can do the same function.

In many cases, many people use mini spy cameras or any other recording devices that you can install in automobiles to detect a cheater or trace out the conversation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you trace if the car is bugged?

You can easily find out if transmissions bug the car at the end of the FM radio band and any quiet area within the FM band. When the squeal becomes too loud, the car will begin to back up and fill with air. This is often when the bug is located. If you slowly move the radio around the car, you can carefully avoid hitting your head on objects as you navigate through your city.

How can I detect the listening device in my car?

Check the wheels of your car, as it is possible that there can be a magnetic device in the car, and you can’t see well. Look into the undercarriage and use a mirror to check under the car for any device. Check behind the bumpers as well and the empty spaces. 

How do I block the listening device?

Get an audio jammer; it is a technology used to protect or promote thegns from secret conversations. It is also a self-protection device, listening post, or signals intelligence instrument. These devices are becoming more and more popular as tools for tracking and monitoring hidden microphones. You can also place the listening device in the car to listen to the device if present. Test the effectiveness of the audio jammer. 

How do I find hidden listening devices in my car?

The specialized cameras that can fit your cars use either the infrared scanner or IR and noticeable light emitters to find the listening devices in homes and especially in cars. You can also use a flashlight to find the sparkle of a camera lens affecting light back. 


When you find some listening device or any bug, you should disable or destroy it. As it will be better to inform the police quickly without being noticed. Because it is illegal to mount any eavesdropping devices in any jurisdiction in the US. That’s why it is best to locate the device and report it to the higher authorities. Hiring and asking from the private investigator is essential.