How Far Can a Semi-Truck Go | 8 Things You Don’t Know Before

How Far Can a Semi-Truck Go

The distance that a semi-truck can cover depends on various factors, like the size of the fuel tank, load in the truck, and many other factors. On average, the semi-trucks can cover a distance of 200 miles.

If you want to get enough mileage with your semi-truck, you should be attentive and take care of these factors for must as these factors can affect the efficiency of the semi-truck in performance. 

We will look at the few models of semi-trucks and their range on an empty tank, refueling, and the tank indicators’ reliability to cover the distance.

How Far Can a Semi-Truck Go?

How Far Can a Semi-Truck Go

Here are 8 ways that a semi-truck can go

The distance of the semi-truck when empty

When a semi-truck has a 30-gallon reserve fuel tank, a semi-truck can cover a distance of 150 to 180 miles on average, having a 6 to 8 mpg fuel consumption when the low fuel of warning light comes on. In each type of semi-truck, the reserve fuel tank capacity and mpg of semi-truck are different and contribute to how far a semi-truck can go. 

Driving with the empty is a common phrase used for semi-trucks when having no fuel left in the tanks. It does not mean that the tank will empty and it will not be able to drive, as it means that you should get the fuel from the service station as soon as possible. When the engine tank has 10 to 15% remaining, the warning light of the indicator will come on. 

Some truck drivers think they can travel 300 miles of an empty truck. 

Reliability of the fuel gauge indicator for covering the distance

The reliability of the fuel tank of semi-trucks depends upon the float suspended by a long rod in the fuel tank. Due to heat, if the rod has got the bend out of shape, the gauge will be inaccurate. 

Generally, the fuel gauges are reliable in the engine tank, but these can be uncertain in various conditions. You can fix and resolve the issues, adjust the readings, and carry on your process according to your needs.

Amount of fuel left when fuel light is on.

Around 100 gallons of fuel remain in the tank when the fuel light is on. It would help if you remembered that the fuel tanks of the engine come in different sizes, as even on the same truck, you can have two different sizes of the tank.

The distance that a semi-truck can cover with a full load

A semi-truck can travel a distance with the empty tank, depending on the driver’s skill. It makes the engine and the style of the cab. So a semi-truck can travel 300 miles like some other types of trucks. Your load and weight can greatly affect this aspect, as not every weight will come with the same amount. 

The distance that a semi-truck can travel without load

Compared to a full load, an empty load can have more effect by the wind. Under certain conditions, the semi truck’s miles can travel different distances and vary in a wide range. If the wind is working against you, it can cover a distance of 200 miles.  

If the fright light is on

The freight liner of the truck can hold approximately 20 gallons of fuel when the truck shows the low fuel warning and the light illuminates. Various truck tanks can increase or decrease this number in many circumstances. Take a penlight, open the fuel cap, and monitor that your fuel rod is correctly dipped in the engine tank to get the approximate idea of the remaining fuel in the tank. 

You can see a large metal-looking arm hung down in the tank’s inner top and the other hanger arm that can hold afloat at 45 degrees. 

The distance of the Freightliner semi-truck with an empty tank

The freight liner truck can travel around 190 to 350 miles, depending on the road layout. The new models of freight trucks come with a tank that can cover 10 miles with enough fuel. That is a very good option. 

The fuel tanks of these trucks range from 100 to 150 gallons and can accommodate 20 to 30 gallons when empty. When the indicator light comes on, the number of miles in terms of distance the truck can cover on an empty tank can alter. 

Amount of fuel left when fuel light on

The truck drivers can alter their fuel tanks according to their requirements and modify their semi-trucks by the manufacturers as this will lead to variations in the numbers. A semi-truck can travel a distance with the empty tank depending on the driver’s skill, the make of the engine, and how fast they are driving.

Frequently asked questions

How far can a semi-truck drive?

Most semi-trucks can travel up to a little over 2000 miles on a full tank of diesel fuel. This assumes that the semi trucks’ tanks are 300 gallons. Semi-trucks are equipped with features that can help them achieve an average fuel efficiency of seven miles per gallon. The engine has been completely redesigned to run more smoothly and has better performance.

How far can a semi-truck travel on a full tank engine?

It can regularly travel 8.3 miles per gallon. It is possible to cover 2000 miles.

How many miles can an 18 wheeler go on the tank of gas?

Most semi-trucks can transport 300 gallons of fuel, and on average 7mpg, so more than 2000 miles is possible on one weight of fuel. 


So it is clear that the semi-trucks come with different weights and sizes of fuel tanks in the engine. Therefore, the distance these vehicles cover depends on various factors. 

So, if you want to maximize the mileage of your semi-truck, you should check the truck’s weight watch the truck’s speed, tire pressures, and acceleration, as the Semi-trucks are used mainly for carrying goods and passengers. They offer a smaller payload than pickups or truck models, which means they have to break the road to make it to their destination. Semi-trucks also tend not to have as much power as these other models do, making it more difficult, if not impossible, to get them through the city.