How to Update Tesla without Wifi | Full Process Described

How to Update Tesla without Wifi

Tesla was established in 2003 to improve electric automobiles. The developers did not want to sacrifice the power and elegance of competing vehicles. Instead, Elon Musk’s business wants to show that electric cars might be better, quicker, and more fun to drive. Telsa has manufactured various automobile models that the public and reviewers have favorably regarded since its start. They, like other automakers, have had to bring their automobiles up to date technologically. This includes allowing software upgrades via the internet. Thus, we have made this post on how to update Tesla without wifi.

Additionally, owners of earlier Tesla cars may be unable to acquire these upgrades. They do not have any built-in wifi, unlike recent ones, or there’s a connection problem. If this is a problem, you may take a few steps to get a wireless connection for additional software.

How to Update Tesla without Wifi

How to Update Tesla without Wifi

To renew its software, Tesla must access the internet. As a result, you’ll need to use a wifi technology. There’s also no way to get the upgrades from a home pc and install them on the Tesla. The car is incapable of reading a thumb drive or a CD.

If you want to update Tesla without using wifi, follow these steps:

  • Look for an area with free internet or a hotspot.
  • Ensure the Tesla’s wifi antenna is pointed in the direction of the wireless emitter.
  • Login with your Tesla details after the link is made to begin the software installation.
  • If this isn’t possible, check if you can store your car in a friend’s yard or garage for the time being. If your house wifi is powerful enough to bring outdoors, this will also work.
  • A private wifi hotspot membership may also get purchased. This should enable you to connect your Tesla to the internet and obtain software.

How to Update Tesla without wifi: More Possibilities 

How to Update Tesla without Wifi

Built-in wifi and a mobile modem are standard on recent Tesla models. Most possibilities are free when linking the car to your home router or mobile hotspots. This includes changes to the software.

Some alternatives, however, are not accessible. Tesla provides a premium connection package to car owners to alleviate this issue. If your automobile got acquired after June 30, 2018, you would be charged a monthly fee. For earlier Tesla vehicles, a premium connection is free.

Software upgrades are usually free without the deluxe connection bundle and other critical features. This includes current traffic reporting and updated nautical maps, and dynamic routing. The primary purpose of a premium connection is to stream media while traveling or parked.

For example, you’ll need the package to access Spotify music on SiriusXM. Furthermore, it is required to view Netflix or Disney+ videos. If your Tesla is connected to a wifi hotspot, you won’t need a premium connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to update Tesla without using wifi?

No. To renew its software, Tesla must access the web. As a result, you’ll need to use a wireless connection. The above tips on how to update Tesla without wifi will aid you immensely.

Is Tesla Viable Without the Internet?

As previously stated, current Tesla automobiles have wifi and a cellular network as standard equipment. This enables system upgrades, map revisions, and alternative routes to bypass traffic jams installed on the car.

Tesla can still get driven if the internet goes down due to an internal or external fault. However, until access is granted, driving directions and other real-time delivery will be unavailable.

Is there a wifi hotspot in Tesla?

Teslas lack a wifi hotspot. Instead, they link to the internet through a concept known as Long-Term Evolution (LTE). A distinct radio interface is used for this kind of radio connectivity. Consequently, volume and performance are increased compared to a conventional wifi connection.

Using standard LTE, Telsa drivers may get new software and play music via a SiriusXM or Bluetooth Connection. With the premium connection plan, LTE can access video services like Spotify or HBOMax while commuting or stationary.

What is the price of Tesla Internet?

Tesla’s Premium Connection costs $9.99 per month and may alter shortly. Depending on your area, relevant taxes may still be charged. These packages are available on a trial basis for the models S, X, 3, and Y. Standard Connection is essential on all Tesla vehicles at no additional cost.

Is it possible to update Tesla software remotely?

Yes. The Tesla app allows you to update your Tesla car remotely. When a firmware update is ready, you will get notified through the Tesla App. Ensure your automobile is within reach of a strong wifi connection, such as at home or the service center. You may also follow the development of the update.

A system update notice will appear in the Tesla App. It takes roughly 2 minutes to complete the installation when you click that to download the update. You will not be capable of driving the vehicle or using the touchscreen interface during the setup.

The whole procedure might take many hours. The vehicle’s central display is generally the sole way to update it. The ability to update remotely has been introduced.

Is it possible for my Tesla to act as a wifi hotspot?

No. Your Tesla vehicle will not be able to transmit a wifi hotspot. You won’t be able to connect to other devices since it wasn’t designed to be an ISP. All Teslas can only link to the internet through a smartphone via LTE, wifi, or a wifi Access point.

You may put a wifi booster midway between your wall charger and your primary internet network to improve the signal if it is too far away. After a power loss, you could find that the wall charger tries to reconnect to the original poor wifi connection.

This indicates that the wifi antenna enhancer has not been given sufficient time to resume. Reset the breaker on your wall charger, and it will reattach to the wifi amplifier.

Are Tesla software upgrades available for free?

Regardless of Connection, all Teslas have accessibility to over-the-air system upgrades. Modifications to software features, including Automation, Complete Self, Speed Boost, Turbo Support, and Battery Charge Expansion, are valid examples.

These have their own set of charges. One of the most convincing and enticing reasons why people purchase Teslas is the over-the-air upgrades. With each upgrade, every Tesla car will get better.

  • Physical components of software upgrades frequently include:
  • Shortening emergency stopping distances
  • When it’s raining, the wipers come on.

Tesla is one of the few vehicle companies that provide software upgrades. Traditional manufacturers often charge hundreds of dollars for graphic improvements. Updates usually are 60 percent less than the time shown on screen or in the app. For upgrades to execute successfully, the automobile should be near to a solid and consistent wifi connection.


Wireless connectivity is built into Tesla vehicles. LTE technology is included in those manufactured after 2014. This enables owners to get vital information such as software upgrades. However, software upgrades are not performed when the wifi is down for an external or internal cause.

Finding a dependable public link or wifi hotspot is the best approach to deal with this. Tesla may obtain critical software upgrades by subscribing to this Connection.