Is Tesla Premium Connectivity worth It | An Expert Guide

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity worth It

Is tesla premium connectivity worth it? This article will be beneficial to anybody who has been asking this query. Tesla cars are updated regularly to enhance efficiency, add features, increase dependability, and even include games.

When your vehicle alarm sounds off, if you leave it open, or if the pattern is dangerously low, Teslas will give you alerts on your phone. Furthermore, all Teslas have WiFi and cellular processors as standard equipment.

Most functions in your Tesla are independent to use while connected to WiFi, whether via your local network or a hotspot. However, while using your car’s data connection, certain services are restricted to Tesla’s premium connectivity bundle.

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity worth It

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity worth It

You’ve probably heard of Tesla’s “Premium Connectivity” function if you’re looking for a secondhand Tesla. While linked to WiFi or mobile hotspots, all Tesla cars come with a Standard Connection package that allows you to utilize the bulk of the connection functions for free.

The Premium Connection bundle, on the other hand, enables you to use your car’s cellular network to access all of the connectivity features. This is in addition to a few more features accessible only to premium customers.

These features have the potential to change the game drastically! Is the cost of these features, however, justified? Let’s go through all of the options and make a decision.

Getting around

This is an excellent component of all Tesla automobiles. Google Maps supplies Tesla’s maps by standard, so you know you’re getting the finest! This primary navigation also offers transport routing, a Route Planner, and access to Superchargers.

As a result, you can feel confident that the distance and time given when you enter a location are correct depending on traffic.

Traffic Monitoring in Real-Time

As you’ve just read, all Teslas come equipped with primary navigation. The Premium Connectivity membership includes the Traffic Monitoring function as an add-on.

This function essentially allows you to see whereabouts, how far, and how terrible traffic is on your current path. This is in addition to the fact that you can find it on the map. It is pretty helpful to monitor how awful the traffic is.

Consider the case of Basic Connectivity: you’re delayed in gridlock and don’t know how terrible it is. Do you want to browse Google Maps on your phone while driving? We doubt it. Thus we believe this is a fantastic addition.

Maps with Aerial View

This feature allows you to switch to an aerial view of the maps. This is mostly a matter of personal taste. Both have gotten used in the past. Some people also utilize the conventional maps that are available online. In terms of map capability, nothing has changed. The maps get merely presented differently.

If you value this function, purchasing the Tesla Premium Connection membership might be a compelling incentive. This isn’t a show stopper for us but a great bonus.

Streaming video

Tesla’s video service is a key differentiator. Who’d have guessed that you could view Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube on your car’s display? With the Premium Connectivity membership, Teslas have this functionality.

Of course, you can’t use Tesla Theater while riding, but Elon may make this possible in 10-15 years when complete self-driving is entirely operational and universally accepted.

When you’re traveling, this is the best time to utilize it. Open YouTube and view a few videos while charging at a Supercharger station. You may also watch a brief edition of The Office on Netflix. Essentially, there is no need to be dissatisfied with this function while waiting for someone or recharging.

Consider how much time you’ll spend in your Tesla driving and waiting. This is one of those things you can’t predict when you’ll use it, but it’ll come in handy when you need it. It’s a fantastic feature to have.


When traveling with a circle of individuals or family, Karaoke is a great option. You may utilize this function while driving. Your passenger has control of the process and may choose whatever songs you wish to Karaoke to. Karaoke is fun if you often travel with friends, family, and little children.

Streaming music

Slacker Radio gets used as the primary streaming platform! You receive an account automatically when you buy a Tesla (you don’t get any passwords, it’s only for your Tesla). You may purchase a premium Slacker radio and log in with your details.

The ability to stream music is fantastic. Change over to Slacker Radio Today’s Hits if you become weary of the music you’re listening to on your phone. Using this, you may listen to an endless selection of the most recent songs.

You may also use the Search tab or voice control to request a particular theme. This will play the desired music once, followed by tracks comparable to the one selected.

It might also be a different artist, band, or something else. It will ultimately come to the music that gets requested. Furthermore, this is the one drawback to the Tesla-provided Slacker Radio account. If you like a song on Slacker, click the like icon, and it will get added to your Favorites radio station.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tesla’s premium connectivity worth it?

Yes. Tesla premium connectivity is worth it, as highlighted above.

Are There Any Premium Membership Discounts?

No. There are currently no cheaper options for Premium Connectivity, and there is no opportunity to purchase a year’s amount of access for a lesser price. Tesla does, however, provide several complimentary Premium Connectivity trial choices. This is dependent on how and when you bought your car.

Is there a Tesla Premium Connectivity Complimentary Trial?

Yes. Tesla provides a few tiers of Premium Connectivity-free times, depending on your chosen model.

Is it possible to receive a Premium Connection trial for a pre-owned Tesla?

Yes, to a degree. Suppose the trial was not already present at the moment of transference to the new buyer. In that case, a 30-day complimentary test period is activated when you tell Tesla you are the buyer. This occurs before you’re being able to purchase a Premium connectivity membership. If there is an ongoing trial, you will get the remaining time of that trial before subscribing.


Finally, if you haven’t yet purchased a Tesla and are interested in learning more about the Premium Connectivity Membership, maybe the above preview has given you a clearer idea of what gets included. You must know all the features listed here if you already own a Tesla. 

Overall, we believe this membership is well worth the money, particularly for the Real-Time traffic, Visual Analytics, Streaming Video, and Digital Music features.

These three qualities are essential for us on lengthy travels and when we travel often. In our view, all of the other functionalities are pleasant to have but not essential.