How Does the Air Conditioner Work in a Tesla | An Expert Guide

How Does the Air Conditioner Work in a Tesla

Tesla, the electric car, also features an air conditioner that cools the car’s interior. However, the operation of this AC follows a different mechanism than that of the traditional petrol, diesel, or gas-powered engines. This AC gets charged on electricity, not by the engine power. It also features a compressor, like the ACs and refrigerators in our houses. Many other alterations are made to shift the functioning of the AC from traditional engines to electrical engines. Being an automobile lover, one should learn how does the air conditioner work in a tesla. This precise guide will break all the facts about the air conditioning system in Tesla vehicles. So, let’s know how this works.

How Does the Air Conditioner Work in a Tesla?

How Does the Air Conditioner Work in a Tesla

Source of Power

The major difference between traditional IC AC and modern electrical car AC is the power source. The AC power source in traditional cars is engine power, while that in modern electric cars is electrical power. This power comes from the car battery.  

The compressor of the Electrical Car AC

As the modern electric car AC features an electrical compressor, it works on the same methodology as the refrigerators or ACs of our houses do. This compressor helps to make the air cool through its compression and this air, then, cools the interior of the car. 

Cooling of the Cabinet

As mentioned above, the compressor of modern electrical cars cools the interior, but how does it cool? Though complicated, it’s also not tough. The compressor shoves the refrigerant through the cooling unit. This unit cools down the air before it reaches the cabin. Upon reaching the cabin, this air keeps the cabin cool. 

Where Does AC Sit in Tesla? 

How Does the Air Conditioner Work in a Tesla

The compressor of the Tesla car AC is at its front. However, the power source sits at the back of the car. This power source operates the AC at 400V voltage. 

How Does the Heater of the Tesla Work? 

How Does the Air Conditioner Work in a Tesla

In traditional fueled-powered engines, the heater works on the heat matrix that holds hot coolant. But modern electrical cars don’t have such a heater matrix. These have, instead, a direct, simple heater. This electrical heater keeps the internal space warm during the winter. 

Tesla features a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater that gets heat from an energy storage system. This energy storage system doesn’t let the cabin of the car overheat. The PTC heater is an effective electric heater that controls the heat and controls the power to be used on the functioning of the heater. This is not a complex heating system that keeps the internal space of the Tesla warm up to an adequate level. 


Tesla, the unique version of the electric vehicles, is loved worldwide. Its cooling and heating system is not identical to the classic cars. The function of both the modern and traditional ACs is the same, cooling. The rest of the machine varies a lot. However, the cooling and warming systems are well regulated in the Tesla electrical models. This increases the battery life of the car too.