How to Fix the Car Charger Port | 5 Ways You Don’t Know Before

How to Fix the Car Charger Port

Car chargers are an essential part of our lives. Whether you are commuting to work daily or are an avid traveler who likes to hit the road for a few days at a time, you need to be able to charge your phone and other devices. While most of us carry several car chargers, the truth is that these chargers can get damaged over time. 

It can be a real problem when this occurs as we can no longer use that charger. This blog will look at a few reasons why your car charger port may have failed and help you fix it.

How to Fix the Car Charger Port?

How to Fix the Car Charger Port

You just got a new smartphone, and it came with a charger. But one day, you tried to plug in your phone, and you found that the ports were bent and the charger didn’t work! Don’t worry! Here are the steps to fixing your car charger port:

  • It would help if you found out how much damage accrues. If there is any, you will need to file down the dock, and then you can use superglue to piece the pieces together. After you have the parts cleaned up, you’ll want to get out the superglue.
  • You’ll need to smear the glue on the port and let it sit for several minutes until completely dried.
  • All you demand to do is plug in your phone, and you’ll be good to go!

Here Are Five Different Ways To Fix The Car Charger Port:

Way 1

The USB port is likely broken when a car charger port won’t fit your electronic device any longer. First, you should insert it again. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to take it apart. Use your fingers to unplug it. Once you have that out, you’ll have to trim the wires. 

Cut the wires in the USB port with cutters. Rob the wire at both endings from the different flanks of the surface. Put the electrical tape around the back. Please place it in the USB port and let it sit overnight.

Way 2

Car charger ports snap just like that. It happens. However, you shouldn’t need to fix your car charger port if you follow a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to find the broken part of the port. It is where you’ll unscrew the harbour from the rest of the device. 

Next, you’ll need to find a small tube or a wire with a bit of the same diameter, and it will work well as a replacement. Find something with a bit of giving to it, but that’s also hard enough that it won’t break in half.

Use a pair of pliers to receive a good grasp and pull out the old port. Finally, insert the new port. Check it to make sure it’s secure. And that’s it! Now you can charge your device again with ease!

Way 3

It’s possible to fix this problem. First, you have to use a toothpick or knife to find the exact location of the damaged wires. To fuse the wires, you must put them concurrently. It will make them as sturdy as new, and your car charger port will be able to be used again! If you encounter car charger port problems, it’s essential to fix them to save money and become more independent. 

Way 4

First, you’ll want to turn the port in an upward position. Next, you need to put some white vinegar in the harbour and leave it there for 2 minutes. You must pour some rubbing alcohol in the port and swish it around for 30 seconds. Lastly, you need to use a blow dryer to dry the area thoroughly and wait 30 seconds. Once you’ve delayed 30 seconds, you can plug the charger into the port, and your port should be working correctly again!

Way 5

Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of bending or breaking our car charger, so it doesn’t work. This task is not so difficult; you should only require a pair of pliers. All you want to do is straighten or replace the metal pins that keep the charger attached to the plug of your phone. 

Suppose you can feel them still in the plug. Take the pliers and grab each pin, bending and twisting it until it goes back into shape. If your charger broke right off of your phone’s plug, it’s a quick and straightforward fix. You can bend the metal pins back into place using the pliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Car Charging Port Not Work?

There could be a few arguments why your car’s charging port doesn’t work. One possibility is that something is blocking the connection between the port and the charger, such as dirt or lint. Most cars demand auto servicing when the issue has to address.

How Considerably Accomplishes it Cost to Fix a Car Charger Port?

The cost to fix a car charger port can vary depending on the severity of the damage and the type of repair required. Generally, the price ranges from $50 to $150, but it could be more or less depending on the specific situation. Sometimes the entire charging system needs to be replaced, which would drive up the cost. However, the port can repair relatively easily and quickly in most cases.

Why Is My Car Charger So Slow?

Your car charger may be slow because it does not charge large devices like cars. The charger likely intends to charge smaller devices like phones and tablets. Additionally, the car’s battery may drain, preventing the charger from providing a full charge.

How Can I Make My Car Charger Work Faster?

You can make a car charger work faster. One can utilize a higher energy cable to charge. Another is to use a charger with a shorter cable. You should set the ordnance entirely before operating the auto charger.


If you utilize your cell phone while charging, you may find that your cell phone car charger is no longer charging your cell phone. It can be very frustrating. There are a few reasons why your car charger may not be charging your cell phone. We believe that this blog post has helped you determine the cause of the issue with your USB car charger because you must know about this type of problem.