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How to Get a Free Tesla

Depending on the location, owning a car is a mandatory requirement. Without a reliable vehicle, going to work, attending school, or raising a family is challenging. Additionally, a car is sometimes the only practical means of mobility since public transit is frequently unavailable, expensive, or unreliable. Many people find themselves without a vehicle despite requiring one, including single mothers, low-income employees, and persons with disabilities. There are, thankfully, methods to close the gap. Thus, we have made this post on how to get a free tesla.

A Tesla may also serve as a significant prestige symbol for an investor. An automobile reflects your personality, whether you’re striking or sober. When you arrive for a meeting, it may create a significant first impact and be an excellent tool for connecting with current or potential clients.

A lot of folks desire a free automobile. Especially if we are discussing the brand-new, very expensive Tesla Model S. Find out which businesses are now prepared to provide you a free Tesla as a gift or as a reward for participating in any occasion if you desire one. In addition, there are additional methods to obtain a Tesla for nothing. Join us as we discuss them below.

How to Get a Free Tesla

How to Get a Free Tesla

The Tesla referral program is the primary way customers get Tesla cars for free. A few years ago, this initiative was to reward consumers who helped friends or family purchases a Tesla. And since Tesla is becoming more and more well-known, it has undergone several adjustments since it began.

All participants in this scheme get a referral link when their Tesla is delivered. The owner has to share their unique connection with anybody planning to buy a Tesla for them to both get benefits. What is the current price right now?

As of right now, the referral client and the referrer both get 1,000 free supercharging miles, which expire six months after they are applied to the vehicle. In the case of numerous referrals, the supercharging miles may get piled.

Despite what you may be assuming, the awards used to be shockingly much greater.

In actuality, the awards used to be worth more than this. Additionally, there were possibilities to obtain Tesla vehicles valued at tens of thousands of dollars. The former referral scheme included this.

Many of the rewards from the prior program were comparable to those offered today, but one in particular truly stood out. First off, starting around the time the updated Tesla Roadster was released in 2017, anybody who successfully referred someone received a discount of 2% on a brand-new Roadster.

However, to get the 2 percent discount, the referrer must have at least five referrals. But the unique part is that the discount was layered and added to your account again for each referral. Thus, after making the first five recommendations and a total of fifty-five (55), you were awarded a free Tesla Roadster valued at $200,000.

More Ways to Get a Free Tesla

How to Get a Free Tesla

Here are some other ways to get a free tesla:

Search Craigslist

Discover unwanted items that individuals are selling or giving away on Craigslist. However, many owners also give their automobiles for free. People are eager to sell things. So this might be another chance to look at if you’re searching for a free Tesla.

The following steps are finding the desired vehicle, inspecting it, meeting the owner, obtaining the title and keys, and starting the car. Always be on the lookout for frauds while using Craigslist.

Facebook Marketplace

In addition to Craigslist, you may look at Facebook Marketplace. There are always people seeking to sell or give away items. There could be some free or inexpensive automobiles there.

Consult with Friends or Family

Asking a friend or a family member for a free Tesla may be a suitable option. You might publish your needs on social media and see if anybody is ready to help. You could see a lot of requests for assistance on social media, and you might be shocked by the answers.

Examine Your Neighborhood Church

Food, clothes, and furniture donations are accepted at many churches. Some of the links they may have may surprise you. You could even be offered a car to drive around by some churchgoers.

It’s not harmful to inquire. People may learn more about you by getting to know you via your church. It could be difficult for the group’s members to understand that you are struggling if you are not a member. However, they often still want to assist others in need.


Using GoFundMe has shown to be a successful approach to gathering money for common reasons like medical expenses and other urgent needs. You could have another chance to succeed if you launch a GoFundMe to raise money for a Tesla.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Tesla monthly payment cost?

The cost of Tesla’s monthly payment is summarized in the table below:

Expense Per Month$713  
Order payment$250  
Signing due$4,500

Who may get a free car?

Each location has its requirements for admission. This indicates that different areas have different standards that must get met to get a car for free. However, the following are some illustrations of the kinds of applicants that are qualified to receive a free car:

  • Low-income households.
  • The poor who work.
  • Families who are moving from receiving public assistance to employment.
  • Domestic violence victims
  • Those with disabilities and health needs
  • Families residing in shelters for transients
  • Natural catastrophe victims
  • Serving Military
  • Veterans
  • To see whether you qualify, review each location’s criteria. Finding the program or organization that best suits you will be made possible.

Which Organizations Distribute Free Automobiles?

The institutions that provide free automobile giveaways as a part of their campaigns are listed below. Now all you have to do is search for them and study them. Consequently, you’ll know how to apply for and get a free automobile from them. They consist of:

  • Vehicles4Heroes
  • 800-Charity Cars
  • Cars4Christmas
  • Good News Garage
  • Car donations online
  • With Cause


In conclusion, it is feasible to get a free Tesla. On the other hand, the majority of these approaches are pretty particular and unique. However, free automobiles are not often given out in contemporary culture, particularly ones like the Tesla. As a result, using your imagination will help you move closer to your objective.

Expert Advice

The capacity to go about is crucial for maintaining stability in a household and job. Consequently, obtaining a free Tesla is a terrific method to do this. Some automobiles are also provided by public aid agencies that assist persons in regaining their feet. With free automobile servicing, these folks have been allowed to transform their life. The charitable activity gives individuals free food and clothes, but as was said above, it may also contribute to giving out free Teslas. Thus, it’s best to check them out today!