How to Get a Tesla for Cheap | 7 Effective Ways You Must Know

How to Get a Tesla for Cheap

Tesla has swiftly ascended to the top of the heap in terms of EVs. They are exciting to drive, quick, creative, and beautiful. The main problem is that they are astronomically costly as well. If you’re seeking a reasonable price, skip reading the remainder of this post and keep reading. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to purchase a Tesla on a budget. Let’s learn how to get a Tesla for cheap.

The Model 3, with the most mileage at the basic trim level, is the ideal place to start. The lowest price is available when purchasing it from a private seller. Just avoid connecting via an online EV marketplace to buy it. Checking out Tesla’s CPO options directly via its website is also beneficial. Come along as we highlight this more.

How to Get a Tesla for Cheap

How to Get a Tesla for Cheap

Finding a Tesla at a low cost is the main topic of this first segment. This implies that the automobile will start with a more affordable sticker price. Use the following procedures:

  • Purchase it from a Third-Party
  • Seek out a CPO
  • Purchase a basic model
  • Opt for Teslas with High Mileage
  • Strike Deals Whenever You Can
  • Do not visit a dealer’s lot
  • Avoid Being Duped by the “EV Marketplace” Scam

Now, let’s discuss every point in detail;

1. Purchase it from a Third-Party

Directly purchasing a Tesla from a private seller is the most affordable option. This is the most affordable method of buying an automobile.

How does it function? Visit your preferred used automobile marketplace and go through the listings. Make contact with those who have decent positions and come to an agreement. Ignore it if the price is absurdly low. Either the automobile has a severe problem, or the transaction is fraudulent.

2. Seek out a CPO

Before receiving the manufacturer’s approval, a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) car must pass several tests. In essence, it’s a low-risk method of purchasing a secondhand automobile.

A qualified inspector performs a multi-point examination on a standard CPO vehicle. It’s a technique for the company to reassure customers that the car is still fantastic.

Through their website, Tesla offers CPO automobiles directly. Because of the promises made by the software, it carries a markup. But they remain more affordable than brand-new Teslas (obviously).

3. Purchase a basic model.

Any car’s base model will be the least expensive one. This design will remove all the additional features, leaving you with the most basic automobile. By choosing the base model of Tesla, you may save $17,000 on the purchasing price.

A Tesla is a Tesla, in the conclusion of the day. They seem to be practically similar from the outside. It’s still a fantastic driving machine on the inside. This indicates that you most likely don’t need the quicker 0-60 time, lower suspension, or more incredible peak speed. Even now, Tesla is a fantastic vehicle.

4. Opt for Teslas with High Mileage

Choosing a high-mileage vehicle is frequent car-buying advice to reduce the total cost. Because they are often nearer to the cemetery, they are less expensive. An EV, however, has a very long lifespan. According to independent assessments, the engine and battery packs won’t fail until 500,000 kilometers have passed.

So, what exactly is wrong with purchasing a Model 3 with 150,000 miles on it? This is your best option if you’re trying to keep the price as low as possible.

5. Strike Deals Whenever You Can

It takes skill and patience to negotiate a secondhand car’s pricing. On the appropriate seller, it may, however, be quite effective. If everything goes right, you can quickly make a few hundred or thousand dollars.

Due to Tesla’s business model, only private sellers can negotiate the purchase or lease price.

6. Do not visit a dealer’s lot

Even though I always say it, going to a dealer’s lot is only a good idea if you want to overspend on a car.

It gets much more spectacular if it’s a Tesla. Keep in mind that there are presently no Tesla dealerships in America. Therefore, shopping at a dealership indicates that you’re purchasing from a firm with no business working with electric vehicles.

They won’t be able to examine the electric car thoroughly. After submitting sizable cash, you may take a lemon from a Tesla home.

7. Avoid Being Duped by the “EV Marketplace” Scam

It makes sense to try to purchase a Tesla through an “EV marketplace.” This Facebook community often focuses on helping you market your Tesla and sell it.

It serves as a forum for EV enthusiasts to discuss the features of their favorite Tesla models. It is pretty distinct from a real vehicle market.

However, shopping in an EV marketplace may be bad for various reasons. One is that those who use these markets will significantly overcharge for their Tesla. They know that they are dealing directly with EV enthusiasts who have become marketplace members.

It’s like having a local cat fan club sell your cat sweaters. Additionally, it often happens for phony Tesla postings to appear online. The primary objective of the poster is to con you and steal your money. Not all of these marketplaces are like this. Therefore, it is better to utilize them cautiously.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most affordable pricing for a Tesla?

The announced starting price for the primary rear-wheel drive (RWD) version of the 2022 Tesla Model 3 is $46,990. It is now the least expensive Tesla vehicle available. The Model 3 is Tesla’s most affordable car. Based on the trims and options, the price range is $46,990 to $77,990.

What is the monthly cost of a Tesla Model 3?

The purchase charge, down payment, and $0.66 per mile cost around $553 monthly. Leasing for the Long-Range Model 3 will cost $519 per month, with a down payment of $5,714, totaling $23,879. The deposit for a house and $0.80 per mile comes out to around $663 each month.

Is it challenging to finance a Tesla?

However, solid or exceptional credit applicants are more likely to be accepted and get a reduced interest rate. If a Tesla loan or lease isn’t for you, you may seek funding through a third-party lender, such as your checking account union.

Tesla doesn’t provide any deals or concessions. You pay the price that gets shown. Check with your local Tesla shop to see if any “inventory” models with a few thousand kilometers on them (used as “lenders” at service facilities and customer test drives) are available at a little discount.

Do Tesla staff get vehicles for free?

No is the short answer. The Tesla Channel claims that workers sometimes can drive a business car for personal use or to share with a group of coworkers. They also provide limited-time referral programs with bonuses for purchases, such as unlimited supercharging for a lifetime.

My Opinion

Finding a cheap Tesla involves:

  • Researching used markets.
  • Looking for trade-in deals.
  • Capitalizing on government incentives.
  • Waiting for end-of-year sales.

Careful, diligent research and patience can secure a Tesla at a reduced cost. Keep an eye on market trends and use all resources available to you.