How to Tow a 4×4 Truck on a Dolly | Full Process Explained

How to Tow a 4x4 Truck on a Dolly

If you are towing a truck, all mistakes can cost you dearly. Towing a 4×4 truck on a dolly can be even more challenging than towing other vehicles. This article explains how to tow a 4×4 truck onto a dolly. 

How to Tow a 4×4 Truck on a Dolly

How to Tow a 4x4 Truck on a Dolly
  • Consult the user manual or get in touch with the manufacturer. Before towing a 4×4 truck on a dolly, it is a good idea to check the manufacturer’s details. It will tell you how best to tow your truck and if your truck needs to be towed.
  • Lifting your 4×4 off the ground is the safest method to tow it, and driving the truck with the front wheels directly in front of the front wheels is the safest position to drive it. Secure the truck to the dolly by attaching the winch clamp to the vehicle chassis. Use the tensioning straps on the back of the truck, around the axles and front tires to further secure the truck to the dolly.
  • Tow your 4×4 with your motorcycles. Since not everyone approaches a tow truck, a large number can be safely pulled over brief distances with each of the four wheels on the ground with a tow chain or rope. Connect the tow rope or chain to the truck and tow truck frames. Do not drive faster than 40 to 45 miles per hour or over lengthy distances. Review the user handbook once again. Some 4×4 trucks have specific instructions in their owner’s manuals that they should not be towed. Others must have disconnected cart parts, such as the rear PTO shaft, before towing.
  • Purchase a handlebar mount. Steering locks are insufficient to protect the wheels on a towed 4×4 truck from spinning. The steering wheel clamp holds the wheels in place, and the truck goes straight ahead.
  • Install the tow lights. Even over short distances, drivers in cars around you need to know when to stop and turn.  
  • Make a sign for your vehicle. Towing lights is a good first step to let other drivers know you’re towing a truck. A prominent, easy-to-read sign on the tow truck will alert passersby to the presence of the tow truck.

How to tow a fully loaded truck in front of another

How to Tow a 4x4 Truck on a Dolly

Step 1

A tow strap or chain is used to connect two vehicles. Do not hook steering components or anything fragile, such as the end of a connecting rod.

Step 2

It is best to hang the tow strap or chain on the front trolley’s receiver suspension and the rear trolley’s frame holder.

Step 3

Turn on the signals as a warning to other vehicles.

Step 4

Do not travel long distances. Contacting a tow truck or a trailer is considerably safer if you need to tow more than a few miles. The operator of the rear lift truck must pay close attention to the fact that the lift truck is being towed and maintain sufficient tension on the tow strap or chain.

You may be able to drive over the tow strap or chain if it is too slack, or you may be able to compensate for the loss of tension by driving the front truck too rapidly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the tow truck support your truck?

You should have no trouble loading and unloading the truck onto your truck as long as your truck matches the weight limitations of your towing vehicle.

Can you tow a 4×4 jeep to the mines?

Experience has shown that all 4×4 vehicles must be towed by all 4 on the trailer or all 4 on the ground. If you have the front 2 on the truck, you will break the transfer case unless you loosen the rear drive shaft.

Can the jeep be towed on a tow truck?

Experience has shown that all 4×4 vehicles must be towed by all 4 on the trailer or all 4 on the ground. If you have the front 2 on the truck, you will break the transfer case unless you loosen the rear drive shaft.

How do you pull a 4×4?

The correct way to tow a four-wheel-drive vehicle is to lift all four wheels off the ground. You can have a cargo bed to tow the vehicle to the cargo bed. This prevents the wheels of the vehicle from turning while towing.

Can you use a 4×4 tow truck?

Tow trucks that lift only two front wheels off the ground can work, but using them requires extra effort. If you have a manual transmission, manual transmission and locking hubs, you can tow your four-wheel drive vehicle with the wheels spinning and not suffer any damage.

Can automatic cars be towed?

Cars with automatic transmissions should be towed carefully to avoid damage to the transmission system. If necessary, the drive wheels should be on the ground. At the same time, the car should not be towed more than 25 kilometres, and its speed should not exceed 40 km / h.

Can you tow the truck backwards?

The tow truck is another means of towing a caravan. The towing truck usually only has one wheel on each side and is quite a small trailer – if there is no vehicle. On older rear-wheel-drive vehicles, the vehicle backs up onto the towing vehicle so that the rear-drive wheels are above the ground.

Will towing damage the transmission?

Towing costs money, but it’s the last thing you should be putting on your credit score. This helps to mop up any remaining oil from the transmission, but it’s not a sure thing. The best thing to do is have a licensed carpenter or electrician do the job for you. 

After the car is towed, clean out the transmission as best you can. A thorough inspection should uncover nothing amiss. You will also need to have the car towed to a certified shop to rebuild the transmission.


When towing a 4×4 vehicle, pay special attention and safety precautions to ensure that your vehicle arrives safely and without damage from the pick-up point at the destination.